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Thanks! Demo game? Can you clarify what you mean.


In some old ads about WarDragons, the ads use demo game which is totally different from WD (it’s defending with dragons IIRC)


I see, I think what you mean are playable ads. Those are not done in-house, meaning not by us.


Oh, okay.

Will you update the description in Playstore?

I mean using Khrysos to dominate the battlefield sounds laughable as of right now, since Khrysos is in the lower half currently…


It already wasn’t relevant in 2016/2017 either :rofl:


good point. update is needed.


Will we ever see other things from the game like beasts etc being used in marketing art?


Here are some ads I did, concept art we don’t do a whole lot as we move swiftly to finished ads and don’t spend time concepting a whole lot.


These are great!


:thinking: Where were the first two used?


They were ads that were featured mostly on Facebook.




So what would you consider the most important aspect of the game that you try to profile in the ad art?


Actually a good idea.


To me it’s the connection between dragon and its owner. They have adventures together and must fight together to succeed.


Those are awesome! Great job!




Yeah I can definitely see that come through!

There have been many really cool dragon designs from the game - any chance we’ll see some of them featured in ads? Currently the dragon used looks like Draco? Nothing against him but he’s a pretty vanilla looking dragon… :slight_smile:


Well, we have sometimes. As seen here.


Haha what a cute looking Khrysos! :rofl:

The top one is Aetrix?