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Correct. Here a couple more.


I LOVE the Snowdrop one :heart:




Do either of you get much of a chance to play the game? Or, I suppose I should ask, do you play the game (either actively or just to see how your work was implemented)?

Just curious - I know everyone has a different line between “Work Stuff” and “Fun Stuff.”


I play the game a lot.


Ooooh, shiny. Do you have a favorite dragon? Either in terms of how they look or how they fly?


I really liked Necroth


Do you do this sort of concept art for all the dragons? This is the first time I’ve seen all this, and I must say they look very pretty :heart_eyes:

(Would you have any more to share?)


no, not all dragons. These are also not concepts, but ads featuring them. Here some more>


Wow this art is unreal. Good job


Looks like I will have more backgrounds :heart_eyes:


Looks like things are wrapping up here, so we’ll be closing this down. Feel free to ping Arelyna or I if you have any other questions you’d like to ask H3LV3TICA and ArtsyGuy. Thanks for joining us! :art:



thanks Thor1!