WF - s2 / s1 - LF1M

Have you been dreaming of something bigger?

What if I told you there was a destination…

Where you won’t be judged for having amazing hair…

Where you can be yourself…

… And ponder all the big questions of the day…

… Where you can meet a real life lumberjack during fort…

If you wanna turn heads apply today!

We have all the usual stuff as well as a penthouse suite with a king size bed featuring glorius ocean views for the right candidate!

We have complimentary dental for all dragons (except chunk) free base insurance (fully comprehensive including theft but not fire) and flexible working arrangements for work life balance.

But wait there is more!! Join today and we will throw in complimentary Duck earrings!

Feel free to practice our multi choice entrance exam before your interview!

  • Q) Are you a Duck person or a Rabbit person?
  1. Ducks all the way!
  2. Bunnies <3
  3. Cats and or Dogs ?!?
  • Q) You are about to watch the season final of your partners favorite show when WD alert bots fire up, what do you do?
  1. Tell your partner that you need 2-3 hours before you start watching the movie
  2. Active defence during the movie with phone light on dim to respect your partner
  3. Lol what… I have team Line bots muted!
  • Q) Coffee lets me…
  1. Play WD 24/7
  2. Do crazier things in atlas, at double speed!
  3. I drink tea
  • Q) @Group tags in pvp for next rounds are…
  1. Amazing x2
  2. Amazing
  3. Lol I have my game notifications off bro!
  • Q) I’ll get my permanent 1WF1 tattoo on…
  1. Both arms. Suns out, guns out!
  2. Left ass cheak.
  3. I don’t do tattoos :frowning:

If you got lots of 1s and 2s then send a PM to ShadowFox or Sincitymedics in game!

If you got lots of 3s… then errrm… yeah… look behind you a giant spider!!!

Reviews from our enemies :

And some staff Xmas party photos :

So you got this far… complete the process and fulfill your dreams - take that off ramp ! :wink:

Applicants should have Artisan or better dragons and murderize 500k enemy troops per month plus complete 8/8 and 5/5 in main game.


Hmmm love your recruitment posts ,but… with all modesty my team wins for sexiest peeps on WD :sunglasses: also have u seen stoph’s hair :see_no_evil: there’s a portrait based on him in game


I feel like there is an opportunity for PG to add a hair mini game :smiley:


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