WFC: Design a Dragon (Spells)

Hello all! Welcome to week two of our design a dragon (thanksgiving themed) forums contest!

11/15 - 11/20 = Art (WFC: Design a Dragon (Art) Thanksgiving edition)
11/21 - 11/26 = Spell Kit
11/27 - 12/1 = Lore/Name

This week we will be writing spell sets for our Thanksgiving dragon! This stage of the contest will run until 11/26 at 5pm est. (a shorter period of time than usual due to trying to finish in November).

You can use spells we’ve already seen in game, your own invented spells, or a combination of both!

Here is Yanos, the King of Autumn, you will be choosing a spell kit for:


Awesome drag for fall :nerd_face:. He shoots leaves. 1-One shot leaf tower kill. 2- pile of leaves AOE stops towers from shooting 3-fall winds dodges mid air projectiles

Family Gathering - Passive
Summons a pair of autumn dragons who take 90% damage by distracting towers with their endless bickering

Autumn Breeze - Active | White | 1 Rage
A blinding wind of leaves surround all towers in the affected area causing them to freeze until attacked.

Shrink Wrap - Active | White | 1 Rage
Casting Shrink Wrap on frozen towers causes them to be encased in plastic and disintegrate from freezer burn

Gobble - Active | Blue | 1 Rage
Consumes a tower and restores 5% health upon tower destruction

Excuse Me - Active | Blue | 1 Rage
Sneaks away from the table, er battle, by cloaking briefly for 3 seconds. Can cast Gobble while cloaked. Who doesn’t want to grab a little bite while sneaking away?


Thought name was next week along with lore? Unless we’re just doing the lore and not the name.


It’s always good to change it up😂

I don’t want to correct you, but it was “King of autumn” not “Dragon King” :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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We will still do the lore next week, but the art creator named the dragon so that changed our plans slightly for the name part

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Sorry about the confusion.

For some stupid reason my dumbass read

As lore&name like we would do them both next week.

It didn’t dawn on me till literally now that in this thread and the design one the slash meant “or” not “and”


I had originally intended it to mean “and,” but that got changed :grimacing:

Can we choose the type?

Yes, ma’am!

Looking at the drawing for some reason I was getting hunter vibes. Haven’t figured out on it being Earth or Wind since both would go well with this dragon, so spells were that easy but I did it some how

Autumn Equinox: Active| White| 2 rage (a tweaked version of Zel’s “the empty void” spell)
dragon becomes cloaks for 3 secs and briefly slowed. Once uncloaked nearby towers for 20% of the dragons modified health. Attacks can be performed while cloaked.

Leaf Decay: Active| Red
Mark a targeted tower, once destroyed, dragon heals for 15% of its modified health

Cooler Weather: Active| Red| 1 rage(tweaked version of Rath’s Ensnaring wind)
Freeze all towers in a targeted area until they take damage. Towers can’t attack or use supershots while frozen

Solar Volley: Active| White
(Skoll’s and Hati’s spell)
Dragon’s fireball attack consumes no Hunter ammo but deals less damage

And I gotta say making spells up for some reason makes me wish I got the twins(skoll and hati) farther long then I did cause they have some decent spells in MY opinion.

While I was rereading the spells everyone posted I noticed a few typos in my own that I fixed. So the edit was just me fixing typos.


The Wind Strips The Trees - white 2 rage
Dragon becomes invincible for 3 sec the dragon gets a pulsing damage and defense down around it for 3 seconds. So every second it lowers the towers defense and does damage so it will progressively do more damage. By making it a shield instead of projectile dodge it can be canceled by super shot. 10% defense down per pulse and and 5% mod hp damage per sec. 2 sec cooldown.

In Comes The Frost white one rage
Freezes projectiles in range for .5 sec does 5% mod hp damage. Gain one rage. .5sec cool down

The Leaves Fall Down white 3 rage
Causes a leaf storm that drops down a bombardment of leaves striking multiple towers over a duration of 5 sec. The leaves can strike the same tower and do not need to hit different towers. 5% mod hp damage per strike 2 strikes per sec. 3 sec cooldown

The Wind Never Abates passive
dragon has increased hp, and gains rage every time a tower is destroyed.

I’m going for a sorcerer :woman_mage:


Autumns Wrath, Passive- Collect the decayed spirits of destroyed towers gaining 5% of the dragons modified hp each tower destroyed (including ones destroyed by spells). Decayed spirits are used to empower other spells

Absolute Zero, White 1 Rage- When enough towers have been destroyed, absolute zero will become available. This spell will completely stop the dragon for 3 seconds surrounding it in an impenetrable shield and allowing rapid rage gain, before The King of Autumn breaks out, massively damaging and freezing enemy towers. Increases dragon breath damage by 300% and empowers all other spells, dragon design will slightly change and breath color will change too

Leafy Chaos, White 2 rage (will become 1 rage after absolute zero is used - Large radius offensive spell that summons a cyclone, blocking all incoming attacks and pulls all attacks towards the tower at center of the spell’s radius and heal for 10% of dragons modified hp. After absolute zero is used, cyclone will instead freeze all attacks and release them in a blinding blizzard, heartily damaging and completely disable towers in spell radius. 4 second cooldown.
Edit: after further reconsideration I think that the empowered leafy chaos shouldn’t heavily damage all towers, only 3.

Amber Ascension Toggle between small radius projectile (white, 1 rage) and blue cloak spell (1 rage). The first spell will function similarly to death gaze. The second will be the same as cloak with a cooldown 1 second less. After absolute zero is used, both spells will become white. The first will have a slightly faster speed and slightly larger radius, while the second will last longer and give rapid rage gain while the dragon is cloaked. (There will be no cooldown between these two spells)

I haven’t read this through entirely so please let me know if anything doesn’t make sense


Yanos King of Autumn - Mythic Earth Sorcerer

Autumn’s Reap (Changed form blue to a passive) Passive - Increases attack and rage generation. Destroying towers grants rage.

Event Horizon Blue 1 rage - Dragon instantly gains rage and an invincible shield that creates Heal Marks when it expires.

Fall Shots Blue 0 rage - fires five projectiles that attack random towers and freezes them until they take damage

Adaptive immunity

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Yanos, The King of Autumn
Wind Hunter

Autumn Crown|Passive
Dragon has 100% increased ammo regeneration. Dragon’s breath attacks deal 50% increased damage per complete rage bar, up to a cap of 250% increased breath damage.

Tempest|Active|White|0 Rage
Consumes up to 10 hunter ammo on cast. Damages target tower for 200% multiplied by the number of hunter ammo consumed. 4 second cooldown.

Falling Leaves|Active|White|2 Rage
Dragon slows to 25% speed and cloaks. During the cloak, dragon can attack, use spells and has 200% increased ammo regeneration. 4 second duration, 4 second cooldown.

Autumn Colours|Active|Red|0 Rage
Consumes up to 6 hunter ammo on cast and damages nearby towers for 15% of the dragon’s modified HP. Dragon slows to 25% speed and dodges all non-beam attacks. This spells duration is equal to 0.5 seconds multiplied by the number of hunter ammo consumed, 4 second cooldown.

Design Intent
I thought about the Consume spell and how it uses hunter ammo to determine its heal and though “how could this be applied to other spells?” and ta da. Here you have my version of Yanos, where the dragon’s spells cost hunter ammo to cast, but rage is still part of this dragons kit as its breath damage is increased per the number of rage bars it has. To use this dragon, fliers would have to carefully plan each attack as hunter ammo is both a damaging tool but also spell cost. If you use too many attacks you may not have enough to get the complete duration out of Autumn Colours, leaving you exposed to damage which you cannot heal from (unless you have Fera of course).


I like the ideas, but worry that 4 and 5 second cooldowns are way too long. 4 seconds = dead dragon.

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Mythic Earth Warrior

Okay because this dragon is OP I decided to make it 10% weaker breath damage and 10% les health compare to most dragons at its tear.
( u can get back with runes )

Autumn Roar

Color: White
Description: Damages and freezes all nearby towers. Affected towers take increased damage from all sources.
Cost: 2 rage
Max times usable: 100
Size: 80 (centered on dragon)
Damage: 8% of modified HP
Tower effect duration: 4.5s
Hits disabled towers: yes
Extra damage taken by towers: 50%


Color: White
Description: Reflects all incoming non beam projectiles for short duration
Cost: 1 rage
Max times usable: 100
Duration: 2.5s
Attack boost: +200% on modified attack
4 second cool down

Grasp of Autumn

Color: White
Description: Heavily damages target tower. Restores health on cast.
Cost: 2 rage
Max times usable: 100
Size: 1.8 (targeted area)
Hits disabled towers: yes
Damage: 2 500% of modified attack (single-shot damage)
Healing: 8% of modified HP

Adaptive Super shot Resist

Color: White
Description: Changes Resist type on use and restores a small amount of rage.
Cooldown: 1s
Rage gained: 0.25

Resist to…
Mage resist.
Takes no affect to rage block while on this resist
Earth Flack resist.
Earth flack shield don’t activate while on this resist
Ice flack resist.
Ice flack can’t disable its spells while on.


Random question who is judge ?

@Imperivm92 and @FishKA13 are the judges this week