WFC: Winter Poetry

Hello all! Sorry for the break between the last post and this one.

This week, we will be writing poetry relating to the Winter/Christmas season. I’d really like people to be creative with this so I’m leaving the type of poetry and exact topic up to you. Perhaps you’ll write a Haiku about candy canes or an Ode to FireFin’s Santa Hat; the possibilities are endless.

This contest will run from today (12/7) until (12/15) at 5pm est (event start). As per usual, 2 entries per person and mention your ign if it differs from your forums name.

I do not yet have a judge for this week, if anyone has a strong desire to judge, let me know! As always, you can pm me if you have an interest in judging for future weeks or if you have any contest ideas.


Feel free to join
The Glorious Pufferfin
Will let you all in



Fire Mythic, burning bright,
In the eerie Lunar Light.
Air Mythic, soaring high,
Last thing to be seen by mortal eye.

I live in the light,
Come darkness I take flight.
I thrive in the night.

Be gentle with me,
I’ll gather your tear.
Mess with me,
I’ll make you disappear.

I taste Winter Season,
Enjoying a frothy wine sip.
Be my foe,
I’ll make your alliance and TA weep.

Enter my dominion,
Of your own free will.
Tell the truth,
I’ll forgive your sin, approved by my seal.

As Winter season’s end draws near,
My icy cold heart sheds a tear.
For the castles you lost,
All your wider alliance’s dead.

That is what you all created,
When you pushed me choose,
The power of the Dark Side,
The mantle of Dread.


Divine Light

A sliver of starlight,
In the depths of the night,
A being rarely seen by dragons and mortals alike,
As she weaves between realms.

Oh, draconic valkyrie,
She is not to be feared,
For a harbinger of death she is not,
At dawn’s light, a goddess of battle,
At nightfall, a keeper of souls.

Never a fight too battered,
Never a hope too shattered,
In the darkest hour of Atlas,
She will catch the last light.

As steadfast as the North star,
As unchanging as the burning sun,
Those chosen shall heal from her divine light,
While flames engulf any who incur her wrath.

Never a Temple out of reach,
Nor a Pit too deep,
In the darkest hour of Atlas,
She will catch the last light.

Within wheatfields of gold,
She offers a respite,
From life’s never-ending stream.
So that they may once again,

Soooo…I don’t know how to write poetry. Just kinda went with the flow :see_no_evil::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Free-form poetry is a thing if I remember correctly. So I would say your poem falls under that


Here comes a mighty Draco,
Flying high, above the sea
Boasting his majesty’s strength,
As the world gets destroyed,

Here comes a mighty Draco,
Soaring high, above the city
Flashing his almighty breath,
As the base gets incinerated,

Here comes a mighty Draco,
Flashing his powerful body,
Making ticklish from a pang,
Oh, wait. Is that a frying pan, launched?

Here comes a… PANG!!!
Ouch, my head!!!
Looks like the pan fell down, hitting my head.
I’m getting panned…


Red Sky

the Howitzer speaks to a Mythic Hunter:

do you know I watch you (many times)
from behind dark drawers of this frozen land
of the Northern Prairies?
how often you fascinate this eye of a lurk-
ing lover with your proud, laudable gesture?
do you know I always kneel down in 45-degree
angle—this is how I pray—and
wait the Winter sky to open its curtains
for your wide-spanning wings
while I meditate?—

no more. no more faux pas

(for) this time,
paralyzed by disorder, your heart and my love
shall never part as we paint the sky



Winter comes to these strange lands.
Dragons of fire, dragons of ice.
The gilded walls of Atlas rise.
I weep.


Hey guys, I haven’t forgotten about this! Just holiday craziness.


Congratulations @OrcaFrost for winning this week’s contest! You were the chosen poem by my cousin who was told to pick a favorite :grimacing:


Next week’s contest: WFC: Christmas Pets


Yay, thank you :heart:


Congrats Orca :whale: ! :hugs::partying_face::tada:

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