Whale FISHING to store as food

Little Idea Let us catch Whales and store the meat as food.
Say one or two a day a whale could count as 26k food pack. It could be somthing we do if we’re not warring waiting for events to start.

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Yeah - kinda like the Beaveemp idea. Go for it :+1:

No… Let the whale free (now that it’s turned into an orca)

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I thought this was a thread about spenders. It would be more fun if it were. We can still store them for food too.



I love that Beaveemp is actually a thing on the forums now

How do you suggest fishing for it? By net? Spear? Dragon?? It would be pretty fun to watch a dragon grab the whale out of the water with its claws . . .

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Obviously you would use Whalegnawer


That’s ends the “who is the better dragon, Whalegnawer or Consurgens” debate . .

Leave the poor whale alone :cry:

Better hide before anyone hunts me for food…


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