Whale squid anything


How is there nothing to replace the squid? Im going crazy just tapping on the water and nothing is jumping out. Im having withdrawl. I dont care what it is, but I need something!





We miss the whale please come back :sob:


Talli is my husband. He really is going crazy, so I beg you to bring back the whale, PG. He probably needs meds too, but it’s a start. :yum:


waiting for the promised 4.96



I thought it was just me. I kept looking for something when the water splashed … but nothing! Yeah! I miss the whale.


Duskfall it was, wasn’t it? I mean when the squid made its first appearance. Then it stayed in our waters for another full season. I think it was just timely for it to leave.

I wonder what creature will visit us next :thinking:


A Dolphin!

Or Nessie :exploding_head:


Nessie would be a misfit for the season.


A Koi!



Im sorry but that giant squid ate our beloved whale :pleading_face:


We need a Sperm Whale then… those eat the mean giant squids who prey on our gentle, friendly whale friends who answer to the name of Flippy.


Sorry, I deep fried them :sweat_smile:


Calamari? :joy::joy::joy:


Yus, RIP squidward. Took one too many ragnarok’s to the beak :pensive:


Really I don’t give a damn what’s there. I just miss a buddy jumping outta the water.


Maybe a Japanese-related creature like Godzilla?
Who votes for it?


Whalegnawer could come out of the water. Would provide some lore as to where all the fishes have gone…


Chunk is amphibious :wink:


It doesn’t matter what it is just give us SOMETHING damn it! My minions feel so lonely without aquatic life! @PGKharnyx

Edit: Hope I tagged the right PGer