What a great support!

We all are humans. Sometimes humans make mistakes :woman_shrugging:t2:
Better not to make mistakes in War Dragons though. Pocked Gems employees are here not to help, but to teach you right behavior!! :roll_eyes:
Yesterday I collected Atlas rider by mistake when I was checking their skills and thinking about which one to hire. I asked PG support for help… let me share the answer.


At least you will be more mindful next time right :thinking:


Seems like you made a mistake, the realized you made a mistake and apologized to you for you making that mistake. Seems like a very nice support answer.

Unless you were looking for PG to fix your mistake. Were you looking for PG to fix your mistake?

Yes, originally I hoped they can fix my mistake. :smirk:

If it’s any consolation, Crom is a great choice


I did that before a year or so ago and they reversed my account before it happened so I could fix my mistake. So no… it’s not “irreversible” they can just roll your account back?

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Their business model is based on mistrust and psychological addiction… :man_shrugging:t2: I have over 50,000 screen shots and videos in an attempt to protect my interest in this game…and it hasn’t helped me once. :joy:


Your response to Aljo’s non-assist show you are not a seasoned complainer. Winky face is a poor tool when trying to get a company to change its stance.


You hoped. They did not fix your error, and were nice about it. Easy.

You should ask for your ticket to be escalated to Juanito.

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or Nico or John E.

I am of the opinion that if support will not fix mistakes, I return unopened product when needed… then there should be a final sale sticker or a second confirmation check before purchase or starting a line.

I am very careful when claiming anything, but for a game that is supposed to be fun it would be appropriate to build in an extra safeguard… there are unnecessary nested menus everywhere which are a pita, but not where they might have purpose.


if you don’t capitalize it it just looks tasty :eyes:


I don’t see any apology in their response. Just kind of arrogant advice how to behave next time. Really nothing what customer wants to hear from “support” while asking for help and fixing mistake :neutral_face:


Thank you, will try :blush::+1:

Or these :grin:

I know for a fact that they will reverse game actions if they’re feeling nice. I once know a guy who accidentally salvaged a piece of mythic gear. Support gave it back to him.


I got a little bit too excited evolving my perch dragon? Support fixed it! Don’t be afraid to be excessively nice!

But was he f2p, e2p, or a spender :slightly_smiling_face:

It makes a difference :+1:

Buy a pack, then ask the same question :grin:

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