What a joke locking the thread

Lmao I see you have locked the thread about the mess you have made of the game. You are no better then a petulant child saying no I’m not listening and covering your ears. This has to be sorted out you can not just ignore the voice of the players. By locking the thread and hoping it will go away your player base has spoken fix the mess you have made return everyone’s stats to how they were before this mother of all xxxx ups of an update.

you need to employ better coaders and better staff that are in touch with the real players of this game. TBH I have no clue how you are still in business with this sort of conduct and ignorance of what your players are asking for. Get your act together or you will have no business with this sort of behaviour it’s time to put things right.

It was auto locked due to posts being flagged. Read before you assume as assumptions make an you know what.


They can put anything on there say what they like lock what ever they like explain to me why a thread is auto locked then and is it temporarily locked or permanently locked what could have gone on there that was so bad it needed to be locked then ? Explain seeing as you are forum warrior fact is they have messed up big time. With what they have done players have spent years building a base for what to have its spine and hart ripped out like this

There were a bunch of off topic posts which were flagged by the community. Then the thread was locked automatically by the forum code (which PG did not write) due to the high number of flags. I would be upset if PG intentionally locked the thread but I don’t believe they did

@PGCrisis since I can not comment on the other thread, are the issues with hunters also being addressed ? I couldn’t find it in your recent updates or could someone correct me if I am wrong ? I have noticed a significant change in how my hunters now attack, is this something you guys are discussing or what ?

It’s an automatic thing. Hell if you scroll up you can see a bunch of posts blocked due to flagging. It even says why it was locked and when it is due to unblock.

We can get back to it once it’s open. It’s all good

Thanks I don’t understand what a flaged post is tbh but thank you for letting me know it’s temporary and it will be open again tomorrow :+1:if that’s the case like you said

Anytime some action is taken, the forum will show the action (unless it’s a deleted post). The massive (and I mean massive) amount of flagged posts (posts reported by the community for being inappropriate) auto closes the tread.

Many players got superheated so some coment where to hash… But nice that this massive responce seem to lead to something good. Its right that we express anger. But no reason to be rude and disrespectful.

Too many off-topic and inappropriate posts.

As others have said, it’ll unlock when the timer expires, but let’s keep in on topic. If you want to argue about how amazing your team is or how you don’t care about other teams, you probably should start your own rant thread.

We can and should be talking about this, but we should also stay on-topic and be reasonably polite. We can be angry and still express it without making things personal or unnecessarily vitriolic.


A million times this. Express your thoughts. Stay on topic. And don’t be toxic or inflammatory.

Well said mate

Pg has been censoring everything… even the most gentle criticism…

Show me we’re I have used swear words I used xxxxxx On purpose so as not to use the words there is nothing in the post that is toxic. if you are offended by this I will apologise but i will not be drawn into an argument over a post like this. I have seen it to many times were it’s happens so then the post gets removed.

I voiced an opinion that we are all in titled to. if you would care to read the rest of the post I have said thank you for the information as I never knew what a flaged post meant and stuff and left it.but you still keep trying to poke and get me to react. Anyone is aloud to put there point of view across if this post offends you so much I will apologise again!

Seem to me anyone that says anything about the game that isn’t all about how wonderful the game is gets slated and shut down for making any comments.

Then if that doesn’t work they start on there spelling and punctuation and grammar. Enjoy the post and my apologies again as I’ll not be responding to anything else on this post. But I will keep voicing my opinion on the forums and speaking out for the real gamers. If I feel like they are being wronged in anyway

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