What am I missing with active/very active

I have always shown as very active, but over the last week or two I have dropped to active status. I haven’t change anything I normally do. Anyone else or am I missing something?

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Chat more


That isn’t a good representation lol.
Not sure exactly how it works, but I’m sure someone will lol.

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i think it’s based on how much you talk in chat, and how many attacks are completed in every login session. I think there are more factors but those are the two i remember

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Nothing I have done is different, I chat in chat, send resources, login every few hours and do egg runs so trying to figure out what has changed

Active/Very active has been all over the place for me this week.
Usually I can raise it fast if I talk on team and league chat, :joy:

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Does any chat group/area count? Because if I’m remembering correctly, only chatting more in team chat counts.


I chat in team chat on regular basis but it still only showing active

Haven’t tested intensively, but even a dot in TC can let us to stay for a week

I’ve had this issue off and on for quite some time.

Below is what support sent me a while back.

• Logging in or opening the game.
• Chatting with your group chat, alliance chat, team chat, and league chat.
• Doing battles in the game.
• Assisting teammates on their battle.

Performing the following tasks will surely get you back in being Very Active in the game.

I had been doing all of these things but at that time was also having an issue with the system not showing me as online when I was.

I’ve just stopped caring when I see it has dropped. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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