What are good Glyphs to equip on Equestors? (Winter 2018)

aside from the mythic and legendary one in his season dragon tree for lightning what are good sigils to stick with him? he already has lightning resist. any opionons welcome thanks.

I think you meant runes.

The sigils are those light blue tokens used to unlock season prizes.

I would go for glyphs giving rage. It can never have enough.

ohh glyph thats what i was thinking of thanks lol

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Zappy is only level 9, and I have not used Extract essence before, so no clue how it really works - and the video didn’t help.

What I would do: take any otherwise useless glyph that has main or secondary Rage regen.

the last tower destroyed gives a spell and some health.
heres a guide for each tower and the spell given. it shows both extract and steal essence. equestors has “extract essence so its the third row in”
click here to see spells that match up with which towers

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when you say zappy; is that wht you renamed equestors?

Yes. I think the name suits him :smiley:

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lol did you check out the link that shows the spells given? a way to aim better at the spell you want for the tower destroyed is to aim the lightning at the tower you want the spell from.

Yes, and I am very thankful for enlightening me. :slight_smile:
So, In this case the whatever glyph you choose, it will enhance that extracted spell. Hmm… I have no clue what kind of glyphs you have, so we’re back at square one. To find the right one for a changing ability is beyond me.

Equip the 2 normal (legendary and mythic) runes on his branch.
For glyphs, only glyphs for the rage. ONLY RAGE GLYPH

You don’t. You don’t put glyphs on equestor. Wait till you get a good dragon to put your rage glyphs on.


Casting on a tower does not just give you the spell from that tower…

sorry it took me awhile to get back to this. i thought i read that somehwhere. im waiting on feeding event to lvl him up. explain how it works then bro since you seem to understand it better than me>?

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