What are Ruby Mines? (picture below)

What are ruby mines?
Are they a forgotten add-in to war dragons? Or something for Atlas? (I would know, I’m low level) I see them when attack other bases and I join someone’s battle and I click on the mine, but never when I click on it at my base. Does anyone have access to these, and if so what do they do? (Duh- rubies I know) Does it have a price, or is it similar to the port, where you get items every about 6-7 hours? Help!

I’m pretty sure it’s a long-forgotten lost relic from the time before PG bought this game. I don’t think it’ll ever do anything. :t_rex:

It would be nice though, I’ll make a suggestion post.

Please use the search function, and welcome to the forums

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its a sick joke / psychological torture experiment


Ruby mine is for those who pay for the “Elite Vip Super Access Account”. :grin::wink::laughing::smiley:

@Lx460 can answer this best.

Yes, yes I can. But it’s a secret.

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