What are the current rules for changing teams during events?

This has come up before but I cant find any clear rules. See the links below.

If you switch teams to another team in the SAME LEAGUE do you lose event prize or not? At one time I believe you only lost it if you changed to a higher league (to avoid people jumping teams at the end and getting the larger prize).

Please let me know what you know. Thanks!



You keep that you have, can’t contribute points, and can’t get team achievements

Team achievements*

You can still earn the team rewards at the end of the event.

Fixed it :eyes:

That’s IF the team is in the same league right? If you change to a team outside of your league then you do NOT get the team prize at the end correct?

Regardless of what league the team is in, you will get their team reward if you change before event ends.


For that question I asked, I got the event reward for my new team when I switched after the event ended but before prizes went out

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