What are the lines between castles in atlas used for

Was wondering what they were for

Thems roads.

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Read the question wrong lol

I tried to search bar for the awnser but couldn’t find one I’m thinking I may have used the wrong terminology in search bar does anyone have any suggestions

They are actually roads. If you don’t have safe passage then you can only travel between regions if they are connected by a road


Thank you for the clarification on that

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Some castles have no roads

Yep. That means you can only get to them via other castles in the same territory.

Use these basic principles in choosing your castles and where you are most vulnerable


Then that’s the kind of castle I want when I grow up. :heart_eyes:


Do we need safe passage if the castle is shielded? :thinking:

nope you don’t need safe passage if the castle is shielded as one of the 2 can only be active at once. Blockades is the one that delays primarchs and safe passage modifies the blockades to not affect a team that was granted passage.

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Well even if shield is up (no blockades) you can’t fly directly to that castle without passage. So you will need to select your route by going one castle at a time and that means you do need there to be a road when you are traveling between castles in different regions


Really? When did that change? Because I remember one time where a group from my team decided to go hit an enemy castle at the tail end of a PVP event right before the PVP bubbles ended because the other team had been sniping at our castles that week and we decided a bit of payback was in order :upside_down_face:

That was months and months ago I think though :sweat_smile:

You can go to shielded castles. Just not directly to them. You have to plot your path one step at a time like you would if there were blockades, you just won’t get delayed

Edit: I just got home so I could check in game and I was able to move straight to an enemy castle :thinking: So apparently that changed at some point. Wonder if it’s same for non event shield


You can move through them without delay but as long as I’ve had atlas idk (8-10 months maybe longer idk) I don’t think you’ve ever been able to fly directly to a castle just because bubble was up?
Could be wrong though or could have been before that.

Would have to be because PvP shields. Shields must be different Idk but almost positive you cannot fly directly to enemy castle even if bubbled.

I’m fairly sure PVP shields let you fly wherever.

DISCLAIMER: I could be wrong. I haven’t tested it recently to see if you can…

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

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