What are the Ochre parents?

One of my players are having trouble to breed Ochre… it says he doesn’t have the parents… but he has Durga and Amarok… both on breedble lvls

Anyone can help??? Please… thank you!

I believe those are the correct parents. You can not breed this dragon except during a special event


This is why you cannot breed Ochre.

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Thank you!!! He did it… just Durga on left side and amarok right side… he was doing the opposite!!!

I just tried this out of curiosity and won’t breed ochre…


I know some things don’t breed unless you have the right order of left and right; however, I thought most of those got fixed recently.

I also know ochre has been available for the last few events, but this is one of the first ones where there wasn’t a banner for it.

Glad she got it.

Why are you glad? Are they changing the rewards for stones?

Seemed to be what they wanted.

Not that I know of. I don’t know why they wanted the dragon. It seems fairly useless to me. I suspect PG will circle back and do something more wirh it. They seem to treat it a little like dodo. So who knows.

Well… that’s at what he wanted… so lol hope he has fun with it!!! :slight_smile:

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