What are the possibilities for Bolt's parents

I’m trying to understand Red’s breeding guide. It says that Bolt’s parents are Kromon and Yanari. I own Bolt and when I click on him in the breeding castle it says his parents were Vladimir and Daemun. On this page (https://war-dragons.fandom.com/wiki/Bolt?veaction=edit&redlink=1) it says the parents are “Sahran + Dactyl ; Slynx + Dactyl”. Are there lot’s of options that aren’t on the websites or the breeding guides?

there’s usually more than one combination to get a certain dragon, but red’s is the best and should be followed religiously.
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Many dragons have multiple potential pairs of parents. That said, things like Red’s guide display the best parents to use in order to breed the desired dragons, and the order in which those dragons should be bred.

For example, you can breed Amarok for as much as 24,600 tokens, OR you can breed him for little as 1200 tokens. The old Amoeba website displays this sort of thing well, though it’s become rather out of date. See, for example, http://www.amoebastudios.com/cgi-bin/dragon/py.cgi?dragon=amarok

Red, however, has taken the time and energy to figure out how to get you the dragons you want (and extra eggs for builders and such) while spending the lowest possible amounts of tokens.

Basically, yes, there are many options, but no, you shouldn’t pay any attention to the options not listed in Red’s guide.



Has quite the extensive list of combinations.

Is Red’s paths the others speak of.


Or slightly more modern: http://wd.neon-wonderland.com/dragon/parents/T4C2WIdragon




:see_no_evil: Amarok…

Thank you everyone, that was just the information I was looking for. Fast replies too :slight_smile:

Another question: is there a list somewhere that says which dragons on the path should be upgraded beyond their breeding level, i.e. ones that are actually good for regular use in battles? E.g. on the Red’s Best path they might be Arborius, Amarok, … ?

Sorry if there is a strict policy on one question per thread - if so I can delete this reply and ask a new question.

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I don’t think anyone has made a list, but here’s some ones to make sure you get and play with.

red- kinnara, ember
purple- arborius
blue- drude, etzel, kelsis (only rly need two)
orange- amarok, durga
green- ettin, munin, danzig (only need two again)


Thank you. Again, just what I needed.

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I’m using this list, because if the dragon is good for Assault, is good, period.


Correction: They’re actually all shit against the modern geared and defended base because PG doesn’t know how to balance their game :slight_smile:

Fom is a great dragon. Can’t stand up to 60s. Succ.

Just breed to level modern divines and get gear that’s better than whatever set of nubs you decide to face off with. Assault list is good for assault, yes, but I would not trust it against a legit base once you hit green.

If anything in lineage is worth upgrading, it’ll probably be a dragon of the highest rarity within the tier. Not all such dragons are worth upgrading, and also notable exceptions include Noctua and Enki. :dove:

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I didn’t create this. No idea who did

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Poor Hau :cry:


Thanks. All great info.

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