What are the stats for oksana’s armor?

I have been trying to find stats for Oksana’s armor. Is it better than the armor that can be forged in Atlas?

It’s the best armor this season.

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Looked to be the same as Groggs? I haven’t went through it all though.

I did notice the base stats for Okasana is better though so I just put Okasana with Groggs gear on Nex


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Yeah it’s the only rider & armor so far this season lol

But as far as the gear so far it’s exactly identical to Groggs gear but Okasana is better.

It’s also the only armor so far this season :joy:

Correct, that’s the joke.

Except I’m not sure she was joking…

But I do think she maybe meant the best armor so far?

But it’s kind of lame it’s identical to Groggs would be nice to have it different so you could mix and match!

I was asking in comparison to atlas armor. Not Grogg.

Lol your sarcasm meter must be hella broke
OP, it is better than some, worse than some you can get with Atlas. Not sure on the exact stats but i’d expect it to be around the middle of the pack (like maxed rare, or starter epic). So you can definitely forge items higher, but it will take lots of patience and resources to get it there

I was joking :upside_down_face: I have no idea. Numbers ain’t my thing. But you have caught the attention of the number beasts.

Maxed Grogg has a combined 19.5% attack/defense stats vs maxed Orksana only gives 19% attack/defense stats? Orksana is more attac heavy (12%) which is nice for a Hunter, but grogg has overall higher stats.

And the armor is +10% attack and +10% defense.

You will find the stats in the announcement thread:
An Entirely Community Created Rider - Oksana, the Dread Hunter

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