What are ur strongest top three dragons

Tell me…plz :hugs:

Fomhar, Aibrean, Ettin. Sometimes Equestor pops up :o

edit: I’m hoping to get whale next breed but…what do you know, I probably won’t accumulate 100k tokens by then ://

Mine change a lot from boosts and stuff, but most often my top ones are Avyx, Fomhar, and Leos or Chimerak (he’s still going strong two seasons later :grin:). :t_rex:

Ember, Bolt & Enki can take out the highest level towers i go against


Hauheset, Frostbiter, fomhar

Right Now; neptus, avyx, and Spindra. Once equestor is capped again, he will likely be third. But those three are my primary war dragons. I’ll likely expert Jul here next week sometime, but I doubt she’ll be very useful for wars.

Ryuu, ember, and shenron


Tempted to say Ryuu, Ember, and Draco.
However, I’m stuck with twintwin head now :persevere:
Barely 20% of required exp…

:joy::joy::joy::joy: I don’t even remember what the real name of shenron was… :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:t2::grin:

Neptus corthanak n leos

Aibrean Necryx and Spindra are most used top 3.
Kirin is also one mostly on my roster :see_no_evil:


Necryx frostbite and hau ( soon replaced by fomhar)

Fomhar, Aibrean, Avyx

Before this season Necryx and Avyx were kings…now they have both been deposed

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Necryx, Frostbiter, Hauheset (although Airbean would replace Hau if he was on my roster)

Estril, aibrean, and I believe noctua

Fomhar, Aibrean, and Leos
(Why did I get Leos? :sob:)

  1. Aibrean with 575k attack power(from rider with Atlas gale battle armor equipped and 30% bonus hp and attack boosts along with maxed runes) at level 7.
  2. Spindra with 393.6k attack power at level 9(boosts but no rider).
  3. Equestor with 361.1k attack power at level 8(boosted and has rider equipped).

Avyx hauheset and Airbean

Hauheset, Spindra and Frostbiter.

If atk power then: Spindra, Necryx, Avyx

Neptus, Corth, and Fom are my strongest three. I also have Avyx, Equestor, and Kirin in my roster.

I have a weakness for pink, sparkly unicorn dragons. :hugs: