What are we feeding our dragons?

It should be sheep or cow but I don’t see any of them in our farms. Are we feeding our dragons DRAGONS!!! nooo… @PGGalileo fix this. I want sheep in my farms asap. This is murder😤

Edit: we probs feeding the workers in ios. That’s fine but a fix is needed in android.


The meat of the Water Dragon :eyes:
Also explains why Ryuu is weak, compared to the others when attacking.


Being sneaky suits u

I believe they are subterranean sheep.


So they are Am-sheep-bians?


Yep, mutton a plenty for man and dragon on iOS :laughing:

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That was sooo bad lol

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Mine occasionally get inexperienced handlers. Turnover is high in the Kingdom of Draconix. :stuck_out_tongue: We have a new opening in the Gold den if anyone’s interested.

U have sheep! That is so unfair. Android players don’t have volos too. :frowning:

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You mean the orange tier dragon volos? I have him.

Sorry will try to do better :grin:

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They mean that iOS has Volos perched next to the team hall on main island as soon as you hatch it. Note that it’s only an aesthetic perch, it has no enhance power.

Pic please my fellow iOS dragonlords? (I’m Android)

Thanks pal :hugs:

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No problem. I don’t know why its Volos. There are a lot better dragons that could be put there. I remember a while back they put 2 dodos up there that did a little dance. I don’t remember the occasion. I guess it was either Thanksgiving or April Fools. :rofl:

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Damn, I wish someone did a vid of it, I’m terribly curious now!

Here’s some screenshots: I don’t know how to feel bout this


Oh. Did not know that. Wow. So what Android users have an exclusive android dragon and ios users have a volos on their island? That is so not fair!
Also why volos? Like isn’t there a better looking dragon to put there like i donno kelsis? I think kelsis is the most realistic looking dragon.

I’ve always contended that it is because of GoT… Volos looks similar to the dragons in the show. (This is purely my own concocted idea though lol)

Never watched it. :stuck_out_tongue: