What are you hoping for in the Fall season?

I know it’s already created but what are you hoping for?

Portraits: I’d like to see some Halloween themed portraits like a vampire, werewolf/Werepather (werehippo? :chunk:) , zombie, ect. The headless Horseman portrait was great as is the Baneful Sorceress portrait. I’d really like to start seeing some more non-human portraits and some of different ages. Seems like everything now is fairly youthful. Where are the warrior grannies or the demonic children portraits?

Dragons: At least one horror-themed dragon similar to Necryx and Somnus.

Temporary lines: I’d like to see them return but I’d like to know when and how many. We spent most of this season having no clue what was happening with them until right before the first one came out.

Lines: Give the festive dragon a key and make the crafting scrolls in the rider lines an optional pick. It kills me a little inside each time Im forced to claim worthless crafting scrolls. I wish I could send them to people who actually need them, at least it might not feel like such a huge waste of sigils

Base Boost: Put it back at week 5. Seriously who are these people that apparently told PG they wanted it the first week?

Bonus: Forget everything I mentioned above, scrap everything created and give us Halloween costumed chunks :chunk::chunk::chunk:


I’d personally like to see a more diverse skill tree for riders. Like one who specializes for training dragons (kayla on steroids) or one who adds a significant construction timer discount. It’s kinda getting old having riders get outclassed by the next season’s stuff. Shake it up a bit, man!

Edit: Also, would like to see old avatar characters make a come back as riders… :eyes:

And another thing: put all 5 shard types in the rider line, please! That way people can pick what element they have the most need of.

  1. good mythic hunter
  2. auto summon sorc (hildr 2.0)
  3. discount hunter

4. festive hunter for an extra mythic glyph


I am rather surprised that we havent gotten a new Kayla yet. She’s probably the only older rider that I still actively use outside of atlas missions or for Temple Guardians. I totally agree though, as much as I love getting strong riders, it feels very repetitive. Maybe start making some riders with different skills than just stat boosts. Like one that reduces spell cool-down time for blue spells or a defensive rider that gives a perch hunter’s legendary ability.


I would like PG to stop focusing on new content and focus on what is truely broken in this game. ie: sever issues. not properly functioning dragon spells, lack of timers, and getting new players to actually stay in the game.


Wrong season :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Mythic Sorcerer and Hunter
  2. Discounted Hunter, Festive Invoker
  3. Dragon Training (99% global heal time discount, 2x Dragon XP :upside_down_face: ) & Base Boost branches

never the wrong season to start talking to santa :slight_smile:


Doesn’t deliver before Dec, though.

Is it Demon disguised as Santa?

I’m thinking Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas


I would like a discounted invoker please :grin:


I’d like that too. I refuse to go for a mythic one until I’ve actually gotten to fly one for more than a couple of weeks


Another great mythic hunter that I can aim for, no questions asked or deep thoughts required.


I’m hoping for a discount invoker, a defensive rider with insane construction boost to help balance the timer economy, and festive dragon that provides a key, and a good mythic hunter/sorcerer combo. As an added bonus, bring back 5k sigil drops in the sigil chests.

mic drop


This. I want this. Fix the bugs. Make things stable. Fix the economy. Retain and recruit players. I dont need portraits, “fun” dragons, weird hybrid classes., etc.


Yes, pleaseee. We have so many cut-and-dry human portraits, I want some strange creatures, even if they’re humanoid. But some actual beasts would be awesome.

Not just in appearances. I want a dragon that is very skill-oriented as a set-up lead, it’s been way too long!


This is not season related and you will get this automatically as it is still the year of the player including QoL improvements… Ok already Fall Season ahead and still waiting… :wink:


Mythic invoker and Hunter
Timers branch
Cheaper festive without a key

I see so many crushed dreams on the horizon…