What are you reading, and/or favorite book(s)?


Wow, that’s awesome! I want to be an author too one day, so hearing other people’s progress on their own journey is cool :smiley:


Thanks, it’s been a lot of work but nearly there! Not sure if the video link below plays but I got that the other week. I was so excited. Between the day job, writing and WD not much time left for other things lol.

Shattering Dreams


Ooh that’s really neat!! Good luck to you pal :+1:


Anything by Brandon Sanderson or Patrick Rothfuss is a firm favourite.

I love sandersons worlds and magic systems. I mean in one particular series whenever “certain words are spoken” it just sends shivers down my spine

Rothfuas just makes his worlds so stunning and mysterious. His use of music is something I’ve never seen matched either.
I’d recommend both to anyone!


Belgariad can be kindly categorised as teen fantasy. High fantasy it is not. And this coming from an Eddings fan.


As for my entry, Sanderson is my favourite at the moment. I’ve read all his books even the unpublished ones. Patrick Rothfuss better finish his series soon! I’m also a big fan of Scott Lynch, Joe Abercrombie and Brent Weeks.

A new writer with an excellent series is Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne by Brian Staveley. Highly recommended for those who like team based stories (WD fans right there!!)

Finally a shout out to Peter V Brett’s Demon Cycle. Excellent.


All of the above is fantastic!!

I will ask have you read the core?? It was one of the best finales to a series I have read in a while


Yes I read the core as soon as it came out :+1::+1:. Love the series and the characters. Great ending I agree although I have to say best ending I’ve ever read has to go to Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire. The Mistborn series ending was good too but was pretty much foreshadowed through the entire last book so not much suspense.


I’m currently on a second reading of Oathbringer in the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson.
Recently completed the continuing novella of the Twenty Palaces by Harry Connolly (has been called the best urban fantasy you’ve never heard of)
Really love the stabby series Nevernight by Jay Kristoff.
Have to give a mention to Witchy Eye (it’s a historical fantasy) by David Butler.

I’ve been accused of reading too much…

In response to earlier comments: I loved the whole Demon Cycle (Peter V Brett), and found the ending to be awesome. I’d concur on the Broken Empire, but have to add that the cycle ending in Robin Hobb’s world should be in the list of worthwhile endings.


I’m on silmirilion (not sure if spelled right). It’s about the first age in the lord of the rings saga. Very nice so far but hard to understand this English :joy:


Late add to the thread. Finishing The Core, by Peter V. Brett. It’s the 5th in a 5-book series. The first was pretty good, innovative world-building, good characters. The second was better, and the third just… wow. The 5th (and last in this series, although there are novellas) came out a few months ago and I re-started from book 1 to refresh my memory.


I have little to no attention span, so short stories are my favorites. David Sedaris always keeps me entertained


I’m a little disturbed no one mentioned Terry Pratchet yet.


I loved him when I was 12.


I mean Weis and Hickman are being tossed about and that’s the same reading level, only unmatched satire flowed from Pratchet.


Best book I have ever read was Ready Player One. If you let your imagination go, it’s mindblowing. I’m dreading seeing the movie and how many “liberties” they take.

Close second, Hitchhiker’s Guide. Love picking it up whenever and wherever for a few hours of laughs (especially having seen the movie, a million times).

Ender’s Game was also a good book, I thought the movie did it justice, but it missed the depth of the book, as most movies do.

Edit Mumbles about liking Harry Potter too. Yes, I’m an adult, I promise.


Must have missed that DL reference earlier…blast from the past!

Might as well throw in Salvatore then :man_shrugging:


I actually preferred the Bean POV book but that’s just me. But agree it has some nice depth to it, and the following books also did the original justice (mostly).


I think one of my coworkers told me the other books weren’t that great, and he is usually spot on, so I never ventured any further. I’m bad at letting others deter me from reading books, cause I’ll read even a bad book.

Ha, had the wife reading 1984 a while back. Couldn’t believe she had never read it :man_facepalming:


I liked most of them :man_shrugging: - maybe it’s just personal taste