What are your favorite / go-to Atlas vids? 🎥


I’m contemplating a video library set up in the team wiki. So far I have a vid on riders. Which vids would you definitely put into yours?

This one a bit outdate tho …




@TheRedDelilah has a really good one on hunter basics. That should definitely be included.


I could make more - stream was asking for them today


That would be great! I’ve been telling members to search YouTube but it sounds uncaring.


If you have specific subjects you’d like to cover, that’d be helpful. I can make a few short videos if people tell me what they’d need


Atlas basics. Just the simple foundational stuff since the introduction of beasts has changed things

Glory basics. What it is, how to get it, different options …

Keeping the vids as straight forward as possible would be great.


Sure thing. I’ll get on it over the next two weeks


Thanks Red :kissing_heart: