What are your guys opinion on the new hunter fohmar?is he worth getting?

Is he better then necryx and noctua is he worth it?

No… but yes it is definately worth getting.

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Better is subjective, he evolves higher than both of them

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For the cost I think quite good. How much does noctua cost? This guy only costs 28k sigils :eyes:

How do sigils convert to egg tokens? :joy: noct from red cost a ton… his own breed is like 164k


have a wonderful night.


I guess all the egg tokens you can get from his line and also the gold chests from his line (during breeding?) is effective egg token count of 28k sigils…

We know we know. Calm down. Duplicate threads aren’t that bad


:smirk: fine.

I don’t want to math lmao, but i think it’s safe to guess 28k sigils is wildly cheaper than everything needed to get noct

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Yeah what’s that to Noc? 4-5 million tokens! :joy:
Definitely a safe guess!

I didn’t think i would like him because of the lockdown remake! But I actually do! He’s definitely worth getting!

Him & Nex are completely different dragons but Fohmar can be evolved into the last tier…So he definitely has that going for him.

But yeah I like him a lot better then Aibrean! I only have him around level 27/30 (lack of stones) but i can
Tell that I’m going to like him :+1:
@MythicDreamer Not sure what your looking for but he’s the best hunter this season and worth getting (imo)

He’s relatively the best dragon this season.

Necryx & Noctua > low level Fomhar
He needs to be Harbinger to be better than Noctua, what tier are you at?


Bit on the high side… 3.25 million tokens to Noc following Icicle 4 and S Rhyo 1.

Without Red’s paths it would likely be at least 5 million though :rofl:

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