What are your New year's resolutions

Me I just have two 1. Stay alive 2. Win the lottery

What’s yours


I don’t make any anymore :woman_shrugging:


I don’t have such.

Not to be as sarcastic in response to stupidity (ignorance is not the same thing).

Liz you better make some :neutral_face:

What if her last new years resilution wass not to make any more new years resilutions? And she actually sticking to it? Or what if she didnt mean it and is just an alien with a faulty translator? Yea, lets go with that

Mine are to take over the world, and to use that power to make freemium games into free for real games

On my list is to learn how to properly use a forum. Simple stuff like how to properly make lists and use the correct category.


But you know pretty well how to use sarcasm :joy:


Technically if I made a resolution not to make anymore resolutions I would have failed immediately since the mere act of making the resolution not to make more is in fact making a resolution, which breaks the non-resolution I was trying to make :rofl:


No more spending money on war dragons!

Finish my degree so I can move up in company. This is my goal so I can provide better for my family.


Me too by end of next year I will be a industrial maintenance machanic

Find a new mobile game to play

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I don’t do new year resolutions either, I’ve tried and they never last.

I’d do them, but I’d hate to disappoint myself, again, every year, year after year.

So, I just do me, I guess that could be my resolution in a pinch, do what I want, be me, to hell with everyone else :smiling_imp::rofl:

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You aren’t doing it right then.

My resolution this year is to not eat black eyed peas.

I hate them so I know I won’t eat them therefore I always succeed :shushing_face:

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You, Sir, are not a southerner! Your card is REVOKED!

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:scream: but they taste like dirt

Then someone can’t cook…:rofl: