What are your thoughts about my fort?

Hello, everyone :wave:. I hope everyone is doing well :blush:

So, I’m torn on what I should do for this fort (as of week 13 of Darkmire). Should I do option 1). carry out my fort like normal (upgrading base and towers, getting 16 mil points, using up timers, etc.), or should I do option 2). level up my farms and mills as well some other towers and hit 16 mil points, but for a MUCH cheaper price than option 1? These two ways have me stressed on what I should do to set myself up for success for next season.

Now both options have pros and cons:

Option 1 Pros:

  • good rewards for hitting 16 mil points
  • unlocking eldritch tier for breeding (unlocking the tier will be helpful in maxing next breeding for DreadFrost discount weeks)

Option 1 Cons:

  • I use up many timers (I won’t have much saved for next season)

Option 2 Pros:

  • good rewards for hitting 16 mil points as well

  • saving A LOT of timers (so I that I’m good for next season’s forts)

Option 2 Cons:

  • not unlocking new tier (however, I can use some egg tokens and lots of fragments that I have stashed to make up for this)

  • staggering my level

What do you guys think about this? What should I do? (Im leaning towards option 2.)

  • Opt. 1
  • Opt. 2

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I mean if you plan on opening chests during the first pvp of next season you should be flooded with timers depending on how much you saved

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That is true, but from what I can tell, I will get a lot of timers from all the chests that I open in pvp, but the timers won’t be enough to sustain me throughout next season’s forts.

Edit: I’m talking lots of chests (enough to get me all of 1 discount and 1/3 of another)

You can always wait to do Option 2 until your timers are low.

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I doubt you are talking enough of them as most of grinders, if not all, can finish both discounted branches and more.

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I would look how far I would get in the next breeding event and if I would get into eldritch I would do option one. Higher tier dragons help you score more points in pvp (or at least easier) and atlas.
If you cannot breed eldritch with the amount of tokens/frags you will get from opening chests saving up timers is probably the more efficient way


Ok I’ll look into that. Thx for the suggestion!

Question: is there gonna be an assault event during next breeding?

Very unlikely for assault to run during discount week