What Atlas should have been

This isn’t a thread about all of the Atlas BS lol Everyone including PG knows how bad they have screwed it, continue screwing it up & have no idea how to fix their screw up! :roll_eyes:

But anyway…
I love the game…But it’s one of the most repitive games I’ve ever played :grimacing: and I think Atlas is just a spin-off of the original game just different but it could have been so much more!
I think it would have been amazing, if instead of it being like it is, if you could have been a character and play that character.

And Atlas this huge world where you must fight, conquer quests and explore. The possibilities could have been amazing. You could with quest receive unique, valueable runes for dragons also armor for dragons and dragon riders.
The games always being tied together As you grow and level your character he becomes stronger but also a better dragon rider.
He could be a rider, find/earn valueables for the dragons and other items.
This would be something less then very active players could go to on their own pace and still benefit from it.
It would be like a different game but connected as you could benefit from Atlas and being the benefits into the real game…And the story line the same but just much more in depth.

And this world could have offered much more of a story line. I actually used to enjoy the lores they had in about dragons…They were very small and not much to them but at least it was something! Now there is nothing! Would have been a great way to implement much more of a story line with quests and specific cities and villages.

Idk maybe it would have been a disaster but i think i would have enjoyed it lol…And it would have been a nice switch up from the original game. Obviously this will never be done and Atlas is here to stay but was just thinking about this.


I think you’re mixing the genre of the game. You’re describing an ORPG while War Dragons is a (Action-/) Strategy Game.
It’s a base builder with real time multiplayer battles to burn down said bases. I agree that flying a dragon in a third person style, leveling it up, unlocking better skills and collecting equipment like runes and riders feels a little ORPG-like (one of the aspects we all love), but it’s more than that.

To say it in another way: The dragons are your character. And that’s what the game is all about, hence its name.

I would even say that since you start off with an island and visit other players islands to attack them, a global map like Atlas definitely makes sense and the initial Beta even had islands, water and ships.

It’s probably the repetitive invader bases, the intense gold and material grinding and the high risk-high cost-low reward-scheme that you find so boring and repetitive and I’m sure many players will agree with you.
The beta testers have had limited influence in how this add-on is monetized by PG.


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