What books or book series should I start reading next?

I’m going to Barnes and Nobles later this week and was wondering what to get. As always, there’s too many options so can you guys give me some suggestions, please? I’m mainly looking for horror, fantasy, or thrillers. Sci-fi is okay, I guess

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Starship Troopers.

The movies suck. The book was written decades before its time and is of the utmost bad-assery.

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If you haven’t read it, definitely read the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. Another favorite of mine is Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire


The Vatta Wars series by Elizabeth Moon is a fantastic Sci-Fi series. Lots of action and intrigue, and the books build on each other. First book starts out a bit slow (compared to the rest of the series lol) but it doesn’t feel slow at all.

The Jack Reacher series by Lee Child is a fantastic thriller series. I absolutely love them.

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Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan best series ever!
Harry Dresden files was very good also by Jim Butcher
The Muirwood series by Jeff Wheeler
Brandon Sanderson has a couple really good series also

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Harry Dresden +1

The Expanse Series by James SA Corey, first book is Leviathan Wakes.

World War Z by Max Brooks

The Cycle of Aran by Edward W Robertson

Mountain Man series by Keith C Blackmore

Frostborn series
Check it out.

Marie Brennan The Lady Trent Series
Jane Austen meets Dragons
And only 5 Books :blush:

A song of ice and fire, by George R R Martin
The series is way better than the tv show, game of thrones

Otherwise, I recently enjoyed Blood song by Anthony Ryan

Warhammer 40k

How none of you in any book thread have ever recommended the iron druid series is odd.
I’ll let bel pump her books once again…


Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny
You can get all 10 books in the Great Book of Amber

Both of those are exceptional. Amber is one of my all time favorites.

Second on “The Expanse” series; some of the best sci-fi I have ever read. Anything from Scalzi for military sci-fi. And “The Unfinished Song” series for fantasy.

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Thanks for the tag, @Eyehaityou :smiley:

@TheLookSeeNyx, your local B&N may not have my books in stock, but they should easily be able to order them for you in-store! If you’re a B&N member, you also get free two-day shipping direct to your home :wink:

Here’e the link to them on the B&N website as well, this should actually tell you if they’re available currently in-store:

I’ll make sure to order them when I have the chance, thanks Beledines!

Have you read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King?

It is not like the majority of his books and I personally was enthralled by it. I read the series and then a few years later bought the audio books and went through it again. Its a nice mixture of Sci-fi, mystery, and western with small doses of horror. And if you have not read it but watched the failure of a film adaptation please don’t relate the two as there is no comparison.


I, in fact, have not read The Dark Towers series yet at all. I’ve read some of King’s other books like The Outsider. I’ll look into it

There were also a couple of books King co-wrote with another author…Peter Straub maybe? Anyway, they were very much in the Dark Tower wheelhouse and fantastic books. “The Talisman” and “Black House,” I cant remember which came first though.

Edit: It was Peter Straub, and “The Talisman” was the first.

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