What buffs/nerfs do you think dragons/towers need? Please tell me what you think

For me personally, I think the normal towers aka Cannon Tower/Archer Tower deserve a good buff. At higher levels, almost no one uses them and it would be great to see these towers for low levels appear in high level attacks once again. ( Cannon Towers are less rare than Archer Towers )

To be honest, I also think that Ryuu, the Water Shrine Dragon deserves a buff. We waste so much time just to shoot down people’s incredibly spammy dragons and we get a horrible dragon in return. He should be buffed by getting the same attack power as your best dragon and you should be able to select the colour of his spells aka White Fireball, Blue Freeze to demonstrate. This would improve Ryuu’s strategic ability immensely.

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I like your honesty


He doesn’t even summon for me anymore. I’ve been on 18/20 for about 5 months lol. I shoot down dragons and it goes to 20/20. Then just resets.

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If you kill dragons in atlas defense it doesn’t count.

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:joy: Mine summoned last Fort…had to have been almost a year. Is defending in main game still a thing? I guess if you have a war?

Ah. That explains it then lol

Without a rider he will still be kinda hopeless.

They have tried to do stuff with him before but it broke the game.

I think poor old Ryuu will always be Chunks distant third removed cousin that only gets talked about once a year at the family Christmas dinner over a turkey and glass of beer.

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The idea that buffs and nerfs are a regular thing here is a little troublesome. As a paying customer of this game, I do recognize PG’s right to make NECESSARY changes from time to time for the sake of maintaining balanced gameplay; HOWEVER, this MUST be balanced against a “good faith” expectation that dragons and towers are being released having ALREADY been tested and vetted.

I would like to see a commitment made my PG to ONLY adjust a dragons stats/abilities during the season it is released. This would give spenders SOME assurance that the dragon they are using resources to acquire at the end of a season IS the final iteration of that dragon.

Use the season as your beta test. By the time sigil chests come out, all stats and abilities should be finalized.

I agree, all the old towers are bad. This is mainly due to other towers doing the same thing they can but better. For example, Trebuchet < Dark Flak, Storm < Earth Flak < Orrery, Cannon < Howitzer, Archer < Fire Flak (damage). So buffing the old towers will only result in them being added onto a base plus their counter part, imagine having two dark flaks on one island constantly putting you in a stun lock with their supershots. The only reason why Lightnings came back is bc they had decent damage and with dragons no longer having lightning resist they were pretty powerful, but this was also due to the lightnings not getting a “replacement”.

Instead of buffing towers i think that players should unlock new towers much later in the game, for example unlocking the Howitzer, Orrery and Pylon when the player reaches level 500. That way, new players won’t have to deal with towers that make their lineage dragons useless, resulting in them relying on seasonal dragons to beat bases.

Anyway, towers that i think should be buffed other than the oldies:
Electro Flak. What the hell this thing does, no one knows. I don’t know how to specifically buff this but it needs to be buffed before i even consider putting it on my base.
Mages. I hate that PG had to release the Archmage tower with basically the same stats and only increasing the number of them you could build. This should have just been a change to the normal Mages (increasing the build cap i mean).
Perches. These need a rework, not the perches themselves but the effect dragons give as the only class people put on is warriors. Either the others need a boost or the warriors need to be nerfed. Also, invokers are a thing.
Farms and Mills. I would love to see these be used for their heals and not just something you put at the back of your base. Currently, its the only tower that heals other towers (and their shouldn’t be more bc hammer spam sucks) and putting them in the middle of an island to heal your towers could be really cool. I think the reason why ppl don’t do this is bc their ss is slow and others are much better, also if they are destroyed then you loose your wood and food. I don’t know how these should be buffed but again i would love to see them be used for their heals.

Orrery. Its pull in should be its super shot. The orrery was the most impactful tower to be released so far as it made literally every class except hunters a stinking pile of sh*t. The pull in is way too strong.

These are hard to talk buffs/nerfs about. I would love to see PG go back and buff past dragons (and i mean actually buff, not whatever they do to resurrections) to make them viable again but i honestly don’t think they have the time for this. And with the current way war dragons’ seasons work, past season dragons are forgotten dragons.