What can you do will old sigils from old events I have some from the eclipse season

I have had this question for a long time I would like it if someone could answer it😁thx


pretty sure you cant do anything, you gotta spend em all before season ends iirc


You can’t do anything about those for sure. But who knows, PG may come up something soon to recycle those expired sigils.


You can stare at them in your inventory and that’s it.


I got some left from last season too. Too bad I was soo busy at work finishing on deliverables & projects for weeks & forgot the dates! And just like that, the season just ended & I could only sigh! Oh well…

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They’re collectibles. Proves you’ve been to that season, but having too much proves that you’ve misjudged at some point


They’re annoying.


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Funny thing Eclipse sigils are still in my inventory like why PG?!? Why you could seriously dispose of them like other previous season but why you be lazy during spring?

It’s a mfkn sentence darn forum

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You should have said insert characters :joy:

Tis more satisfying to swear at a mindless aI

Next week when they do get removed: “Why are pg wasting time on unimportant things like clearing old items from inventory?? FIX THE LAG/LOADING TIME/MY FLYING SKILLS/whatever happens to be my personal pet peeve”.

There’s just no winning


Oh well…I had the same prob the support team thought a good idea of changing those sigils to this season’s sigils but not sure if they ever implement what the players say

that’d be broken lol, people could just save sigils through seasons like that to get mythics easier

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It was the support’s own idea not mine

Yoy can flex them to people to prove you were somewhat active during that season.
Or stare at them and imagine what you could have gotten😉

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Can’t get much with 60 sigils :laughing:

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The bace boost is 50 in half price :joy: