What do atlas rider missions actually do for your riders

I was asked today what rider missions actually do for your riders and to be honest I really didnt have a legit answer for them I know u can get extra boosts egg tokens scrolls ect. But what or how does the missions actually help improve your rider cuz I’ve got maxed riders that cant do the five star missions and I’ve got lvl 11 riders that can what exactly is the deal with them I know its probably a dumb question but I been playing the game since the second season and been on atlas teams for a majority of the time and I still dont see any improvements in rider stats or skills and they dont help my dragons in any noticeable way

those missions dont improve your rider.
they are just missions can be done with your riders bonded dragons.
check your riders combat level
every star mission requires a spesific combat level, and every rider has a base combat level.
your riders level and gears equipments effect your combat level.

so, you may have mhytic gears on your lower level rider and have higher combat level than a naked maxed rider.


Not a dumb question. Sometimes you just don’t know. And you’ll never learn it if you don’t ask. So good on you for asking!

Like envy said, they’re just essentially ways to farm rss. (Tokens, timers, scrolls, gold, etc.)


Nothing for the rider, really the missions just make you work to have more riders then you do on your usable dragons, and to level them and put gear on them so they have stars so you can do the missions for free and not have to use the dragons you use to kill stuff.

So arguably do nothing for the rider themselves but gives you goals to obtain and motivation to get more riders and gear

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