What do people think about sudden reduction in archer/cannon's defense tower?

I’m just curious about what does community think about recent reduction in archer/cannon power’s attack tower.
I recently realized that my archer tower’s attack power has been reduced, and its now lower than the ice turret of the same level. I asked my teammates and they have a same situation with cannon tower too.
I’ve contacted the support on this issue, and their response was following…

PG: We have seen a bug that research has increased the archer/cannon tower attack power 100% instead of 4% which they have been intending. The reduction in attack power is due to this fix.
Me: But according to your official website, max power of archer/cannon tower should be higher than that of ice turret.
PG: Thanks! We have to fix our official website!

I just ended the conversation with support since it seems like it will go nowhere, but it does frustrate me since I have been working on my archer towers a good bit. They did this change without any announcements, and also it does change the position of cannon/archer towers a good bit (and which towers should we choose to stop nec?)

Also, it kind of seems like another PGs conspiracies to make people pay more since the value of early/non-spending towers get lower lower…

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Use the internet archive and compare the old and new values from amoeba’s site.

Looking at the archer tower attack levels and comparing 3.31 (from June) and 3.70 (newest release), It’s clear that THERE WAS NO CHANGE TO THE ATTACK LEVELS OF ARCHER TOWERS. The only change that was made was that a BUG was fixed, whereby the tower boost from research, which was listed as +4%, was actually awarding +%100.


how much do you think you’d have cannons and archers to after an error is corrected defence force fell by 70-100 million?

Well it does kind of suck since I had been putting a lot into cannon towers since they were so badass, now they’re not very good at all. I know it was a bug, but still sucks since I just assumed cannons were supposed to be that good so I went that route as a priority over lightning. Oopsies

I think that, together with the reduction in the cost of green research they have lowered and their effectiveness.
It has affected all the green study, not just guns and archery.

That isn’t actually True. Yes Amoeba didn’t change. But go into the game and look at your cannon and archer towers damage. According to Amoeba the cannon tower should do more damage with a regular attack than it does with its super. Which is how it always was. Since the update Cannon tower attack dropped significantly and actually does less damage than its Super. Amoeba didn’t change, but the in-game values did.

cannon at 46 currently is 509k attack (i dont believe that includes research or runes when it shows you in game).
cannon 46 according to Amoeba should be 845k (which definately doesn’t include research).

Archer at 46 currently is 552k attack (i dont believe that includes research when it shows you in game).
archer 46 according to Amoeba should be 893k (which definately doesn’t include research).


@MikesGoN2GetU thanks for the follow up. That is what I will exactly say also. Btw, according to our support, information from amoeba is just a fan site information so that they won’t take it to an account :frowning: that is why I searched through their official website to make a point that they have been setting archer and cannon tower’s attack at least higher than that of ice turrets. Which is not the case now.

@af4488 do you mean that your defense power has gone down 70M? That really sucks:( I hope that pg admit that they have done something wrong upon updating the research, and start working on fixing things.

@CheekyGrinch I went to work on archers instead of lightning, just for the same reason as you lol.

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You are right Mike, I’ve seen the exact same thing on my cannons - now they super is larger than regular attack. And archers normal attacks are less powerful that on Amoeba which shows the no research number. Archer super attacks are the same. @mechengg I know you value the archer - I modelled my base on yours after all! - can you also confirm your archer has been nerfed?

I don’t know who at PG deals with bugs, but can we get this looked at again? You may have over-corrected the green research issue. @PGJared @Arelyna @PGEggToken

Archer has been nerfed by a lot. Same 100% to 4% research decrease as cannons. It is extremely noticeable in my base layout and it sucks.

If something has been a part of the game for this long (since red tier and for years) it should probably be assumed to be a staple part of the game. It’s not like there was a sudden change and in gold tier people noticed them get powerful for a month before the item was being reported.

I would honestly vote to return the archers and cannons to their previous attack value that has been consistent in the game for an extended duration of time instead of the all of a sudden nerf that we are experiencing, it has swung the balance of the game too far in the other direction IMO.


I’d like to bump this thread. It’s really important to get projectile towers right, even more so now that elemental barrier is widely available through necryx - previously only Nier had this spell. PG staff can we get this looked at please? Is this a result of overcorrection of the green research bug, or were projectile towers always meant to have these attack stats? If latter, then oh well, too bad so sad. But if former, then please can we fix this.

Thanks! @PGMichael @PGDave @pgEcho @PGPulse @pgCampusLifer @PGJared @Arelyna @Pixxel (sorry I don’t know which PG staff this should go to so pinging all of you…)

Considering all the things people ask PG for compensation for guess I might as well throw my hat into the ring for this one lol. Half my base has gone from badass to really really bad. It’s not like I would have used all those timers and whatnot on them if I knew they’d become randomly really bad. I’d rather they just do something about the towers though, whether it was a bug or not to let people keep upgrading away on something they had no idea was only a good idea because of a bug does suck.

And for the record the compensation comment was TIC, but given the logic behind a lot of the compensation (i.e. Grogg line) it does actually kind of seem logical…but again I’d rather my towers just not suck

Yes I agree I rather see it not suck, particularly as I’ve stacked my archer with all archer runes and my cannon with all cannon runes…this will ruin me!! (pun intended)


Me too, my now bad island is also full of now bad runes.

This is being discussed internally, but right no we don’t have a statement on this.


Thanks for responding and letting us know it’s getting discussed :cowboy_hat_face:

@PGJared thanks for the reply.
My hope is to make archers and cannon great again, but well, it will be decision on your side.

However if your team decide not to bring archer and cannon’s attack tower back, could you at least give the statement on the following?

  1. Why change now? As @mechengg mentioned we have been playing a long time as it was regarding these towers, and have been building our defense strategy based on it.
  2. Opinion on Power balance regarding projectiles vs elemental attacks of towers.
    I thought it had a good balance as it was. Projectiles has more means to prevent, eg. cloak, invert, wind walls, so bit more powerful on individual attack power wise. Which, I say from comparing archer and cannon towers to lightning and ice turrets. Reducing archer and cannon tower seems to ruin this balance, but how are your team thinking on this issue?

I think the defenses that take special resources should be noticeably stronger than cannons and archer towers. I also think that it was a mistake to spend research eggs on base defense if you didnt max your dragon research…afterall, this game is about dragons. That being said, I feel bad for those who suddenly lost so much of their base defense. Hopefully PG can find a solution soon. The more time that passes, the more unfair it is for people who are researching/building based on the current parameters.

I want to know why the PG site says that Ice Turrets heal your allies??? Since when? An ice shield isnt healing. Have I just been blind and not noticed the healing properties of an Ice Turret? :laughing:

Boosting health, is like a heal… but better! :slight_smile:

I agree with the OP. This reduction has taken my “balanced” base and made it a laughingstock! My defense power dropped by almost 1/3 overnight and reviews show that dragons are soloing my base that previously couldn’t come close to doing so. Please revert. Thanks.