What do these runes do?

Ok, I know some of this has been discussed in other threads so I apologize if this needs to be moved. But I’m still unclear.
Can someone tell me what, if anything, the following runes do?

Storm Frenzy - It says:
1- Increase storm attack speed- this has to be good, right? The super shot goes into effect quicker? Or
is this just talking about the regular attack? In which case, it’s useless…
2- Storm Tower Super Shot Damage- storm towers don’t actually do damage with their super shot? Is
this actually doing anything??

Arcane Striker- It says:
1- Red Mage Super Shot Damage- Mages don’t do damage so I was assuming this meant that the
mages would drain more rage than normal? Is this true or is this part of the rune useless?
2- Lightning Tower Super Shot Damage- Obviously this does something, but the island I have this on
does not have lightning towers so if #1 is not working I would like to salvage it… lol

Mystic Striker- It says:
1- Blue Mage Super Shot Damage- Again, the super shot is “drain rage”. Does this cause the towers to
drain more rage than usual or is it basically doing nothing?

Sure would be nice to have some new runes to go with all the towers that were released (ice, fire, dark flak, fire flak…). Can’t believe there hasn’t been a single rune for any of those towers released into silver chests. (well, I can believe it for $$ purposes, but, WOW… no compromise there? Really?).

Good that you brought this point.
In short, Storm striker, Storm frenzy, Arcane and Mystic Striker, Poison striker and Poison frenzy are Junk runes with no damn use.


I used to think that mage towers didn’t do damage but I’ve seen people get shot down by them, so guess they do. Storms used to do damage at lower level dragons but now I use as rage builder once invincibility is gone. Not much help I think

Mages do some damage with supershot.
A level 30 mage supershot can kill level 1 ember :rofl:


Mage towers do some damage IF you have done the research. The damage is minimal compared to other towers their level, but they can do some damage.

Storm runes are junk, and I have some arcane and mystic striker runes equipped just because I dont have any better runes to put on them. The lightning runes should help with the combined lightning supershot, I had an island with 4 towers and shot down many drags on my main account with 2 runes and 1 lightning glyph.

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What level are you and what league do you play in?

You find all you need to know in this old forum thread.


Spoiler. Ice, mages and storm supershot kill red dragons up to blue dragons vs lv 60.

Hint no red or blue dragon will see such a (non sanded) tower ever.

Storm and ice are beam attacks, you can’t make a beam faster.

Nutshell: Waste of rune spots.

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Unless you really have nothing else to fill a slot, that’s quite true.

Careful about old forum threads though, it’s going to be turned off soon…

That post didn’t clarily much. I have lots of mage runes on my base … are they essentially doing nothing? :flushed:



A lot of runes are basically useless.

Although I don’t hold any creedence to the beam argument (especially since the ice turret runes do seem improve DPS and any beam would have a frequency of a wave or a rate of particle)

I actually equipped a storm supershot thinking well it’s supershot is a shield so that really means increase the effectiveness of the shield. I can tell you i can’t notice any difference other than defense numbers go up

Mage towers can deal damage, as you may have seen with mals when smaller players dragons die from one hit of a supershot. Unfortunately any reasonable dragon the effects are less than poison

The fire turret supershot increase is pointless until they fix the tower issue. But also they are so slow you can waltz past them easily no matter how much damage the super does. (They need a rate of fire increase rune)

Basically unless you want production boosts on sheep and lumber farms, the defense runes aren’t very useful.

I don’t see them drop anywhere anymore but the lightning runes are good if you use lightning.

I could be wrong but the most useful runes for defense might be the canon and archer runes. And the ones for supershot only work when they are supershot (tapped) which 99% of the time only mages, storm and ice get… so really only archer and canon frenzy runes have much value.

It’s always possible that farm runes somehow help as I have found resource plots that for unknown reason seemed about 10 more resilient than mine do.

But yeah runes are a giant mess of broken promises and I think PG is working on them, but I think they are focused on dragon runes.

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So much wasted rune dust :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

There is still the unanswered question in regards to the runes with dual functions. For example, legendary healing strikers have sheep farm and lightning tower benefits. Do both have to exist on the island for the rune to function? Or can it be sheep farm or lightning tower?

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Yeah, so basically @PGJared never came back with answers on what these runes do back last Aug/Sept…

Jared, can we please get some answers? Rune dust is getting really scarce and I would like to know if I am getting any benefit at all from storm or mage runes before spending a ton on leveling them.

I’m at level 206 and I play in D1 but I just recently completely reorganized my base for the first time in months so it’s requiring me to make a lot of changes to my runes…

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Hope support is right… either that or just pray somebody replies us before 2018.

There is nothing wrong with what support said there. But what will increase is already minuscule damage of storm supershot. And Storms are in base for shielding and not for their damage! I use storm for rage building and i am level 64. Think about how high levels would abuse storm for rage building.
Hence, Storm rune is waste/utter useless whether damage or supershot.

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I don’t believe they are wrong.

My level 56 storm tower does 864k damage
The special attack (supershot) is 686k.

I’m not 100% sure but I believe the normal beam attack is reduced during supershots (shields) to the 686k number. (Support has not confirmed this but I doubt this is the amount of the shield)

Compare this to a level 56 flak if 1.33m attack and 7.42m when supershot and you can see the damage is a lot less.

Or 56 ice turret 1.67m attack or 1.09m supershot

I don’t have a level 56 canon but a level 54 canon does 921k normal and 1.2m supershot

Everything is small compared to a flak, but you see the supershot storm is much less than all of these…

Even with 25% more added (legendary rune maxed)

686k * 1.25 = 857.5k which is still less than the already low number for the regular attack of 864k

So I believe they aren’t completely worthless.

-Storm striker actually is usless unfortunately, my theory with the Storm Striker rune and it having dps like primary attack was that it dealt damage but was only once (like a mage) but sadly this theory was put to rest with a low lvl dragon vs decent lvl storm.

-Mages are probably the most important towers in the game just deal less damage, still better than nothing if that is the alternative though.

-The way i view frenzy is projectile speed only, not the rate at which it reloads…so basically in my eyes any noticable increase should be from towers like Archers, Treb, Cannons, and ballistas. I would imagine this makes Lt frenzy useless as well, Lt striker on the other hand i like…

Yea, support is confused on this one. Just today, a teammate used ember on the short island of the 312 base (the one with 3 storm towers). They all super shot, and ember was able to fire off 2 DG’s before the remaining storm went back to beam attack and then level 1 ember insta died.
You and a friend can test it themselves, but whoever said there’s a invisible damage beam on the supershot is mistaken.


Is there confirmation on if Ice turret and Fire turret runes (whether they be frenzy or striker) actually work at all? Or if they are disabled/ broken? Also confirmation for hunter ammo runes?