What do u want for Halloween?


Any dragon with nightfall is a friend of mine.


lier, dont deny it out of shame


I’m a horror fan so I prefer these fall season dragons to be nightmarish! It’s going to be Halloween time so we need evil looking dragons with great spells. Let’s get some scary portraits too! Sell this season!


I would like to see some more dragons on the badassery appearance level as Abraxxas. Terrible dragon but he looked great


I want cool flames like the one skarr and abraxxas has, epic and powerful-lookin flames lol


Scary is ok but I’m not a fan of the rotting flesh thing. lol
And why does it have to be a sorcerer to be visually appealing? Why can’t we have a beautiful hunter?
But NO MORE PINK please. :joy:


This is the only one I disagree in this topic… Sorry…


Y’all realise that the Nightmare Collection is a thing in WD right? It is where the best discount dragon ever was born.


Peace on earth, the Eagles to repeat as Super Bowl champions, and Pocket Gems sold to stakeholders less gripped by total avarice.

On topic: my preferred design aesthetic in gaming is grimdark.


Since last nightmare collection was Monsters (Franken / Spider / Gargoyle / Werewolf)
I’d prefer another version of nightmare collection (Undead) like Vampire, Ghoul, etc :smiling_imp:



trying to develope something NEW instead of simply trying to wander around fantasy literature or history and “copy” things like Unicorns, Egyptian Themes, Aztec Themes, Dragons looking like other animals…

even among dragon literature there are still fields to discover like Basiliks or Lindworms


Well, fall is the season of Halloween :jack_o_lantern:
Perhaps some Hunter shooting pumpkin :grin:


What about just a flying pumpkin? :jack_o_lantern:


I’d like to see another version of Necryx this fall season. Maybe different spells, but similar. Those who didn’t get Necryx and missed out would have a chance to get a badass nightmarish hunter dragon similar quality!


No! That ugly thing :sob:


What?! Necryx is lovely in spells and in design. Hellish and spooky, just as Halloween dragons should be! :t_rex:




Necryx is the very definition of beauty and elegance. From his graceful decaying form with bones sticking out to his big beautiful skinless face. How could anyone call this majestic creature “ugly”?



So ugly I passed him up the first time … even though I was informed he was the best line for the season. So ugly, I’d pass him up a second time if he was offered again. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You wouldn’t!! :scream::scream::scream::exploding_head::exploding_head::cold_sweat: :t_rex: