What do we do? Help PG

We got boxed in, in this event. He’s level 398 with 1.2 billion defense. My entire team is stalled since yeterday. We can’t beat him because he is the only one in his team. We tried to talk to him to open one of his territory for us so we can participate on this event. Nothing!!! We wrote letters, open a ticket to PG. nothing happened.
Half of my team are new. We belong to bronze legue. They are eager to earn points but he stopped and crush all of us. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
This game suppose to be fun. Any suggestion!! Or
We are so screwed!!!

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He can’t give up the territory, it’s not possible… also he doesn’t belong down there to begin with

I know. If he only have real team we have a chance to atleast fight but he is by himself

I think you are screwed. Unforeseen consequesnce of the new event. Indont even see hownthey will prevent this from happening next time…

So screwed

I mean… c’est la vie, mate, sorry. Shitty that such a big player is down there. I don’t think there’s much you can do. :t_rex:

Okay, but this is intentionally someone being a jerk. He has to know what he’s doing - he’s level 400, by himself, down in bronze league. That’s worse than repeatedly farming someone well below your level.


:joy::sob::sob::sob::sob: and i am trying to help my level 6 members so they can get points and this thing happened

If your in bronze i doubt this helps but… mega coins give 50% rewards even at 0%…who has a few hundred dollars to get you out?

Unless there is another team involved here, if a single guy on a team by himself completely surrounded your team, there is almost zero chance this is on accident.

You can ask him to let someone join your team so you have someone to hit

But it sounds a lot like this guy is intentionally exploiting a flaw.

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A good example of how anti-griefing mechanisms don’t always prevent griefing. Some people just do it because they think it’s funny to ruin the game for others.

@Arelyna @PGSqurl might be worth taking a look at


We dont even have a chance to fight. We are all sitting ducks doing our xp and mission only.

It’s definitely a raw deal but it’s not against any rules, technically he’s not doing anything wrong…
So I doubt PG steps in…

I wouldn’t really expect this to be much of a problem because how many level 400s are going to drop to bronze for this event, get bronze prizes & leave team just to screw with another team…He’s probably creating a team and just thought about it during the event.

Next time build long ways, spread it out so he couldn’t box you in!
And yeah the only thing can do is burn a couple Megas when he is not online capture one of the lands and hurry up and expand, go outwards away from him so it’s harder for him to box you in.

It’s pretty much the best way, given enough resources, to guarantee the 15k ammo rune prize in team achievements. :see_no_evil:

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Don’t you need 40 players for that?

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I here you with that is probably not his fault but to boxed us in??? Doubt it. We wrote a letter to him to let us play. Nothing!!! I never heard or any description of a team as “I”
One more thing his capital is right beside us… like 2 territories apart.
The description of this event was you can only attack if the territory is attach to yours.

Would love a screenshot. And how does one player manage to box you in? He must have spammed megas to plow thru all that HP

Wouldn’t you need 40 players for that?

Bronze… probably like 1-2k health. Grieving at its best… sad

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