What do you do on your off time?


There is plenty of waiting time in War Dragons, from buildings to egg incubation, to healing times. So what do you do if you’re just stuck waiting?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand just sitting around doing nothing while I wait for the weeks long building to finish. If there isn’t something work related, or no household chores left, then I’ll read a book, watch a movie/tv show, play a game, listen to music, or just go for a walk.

Im bored helppppp

I draw.


Most of my off-time is this game, lol. I always find something to do—xp runs, more planning, double-checking my planning, triple-checking my planning… the list goes on.
When I’m really not playing WD, I’m often watching Netflix. Recently started rewatching The Office. I also enjoy writing my own original stories and making characters for them. :t_rex:


Currently I’m spending my off off time watching House m.d it’s a really good show!


I loved that show too! Maybe I need to binge it. :heart_eyes:


I’m in the same boat as Hellraptor. War Dragons is my off time and speeding up missions for tokens has been keeping me busy. It’s a fun way to kill time at the check-out lines and in waiting rooms. :slight_smile:


I might be alone in this, but I love doing token farming/speeding up those missions. It does get boring after a few hours but I like seeing that number slowly tick up. I’ve got 97k tokens and I won’t even be breeding next event (not high-leveled enough to breed Jagra and Kulan together :frowning:) :t_rex:


I enjoy speeding missions too :heart_eyes:. By the end of this season, I should have enough tokens for next season’s breedings … it feels nice to have it all sorted out ahead of time instead of scrambling right before or during.


Read, watch sports when they’re on, watch whatever I decide to on Netflix, play with my dog


Lurk in the forums :evergreen_tree::eyes::evergreen_tree:
(I also read and/or write, and sometimes I draw.)


Yes. That’s me. Or I’m reading. My house is basically a library.


What kind of dog?


A really adorable one.


What kind :eyes: I feel like ur building up the suspense but I’m still waiting for the answer and it’s killing me on the inside…




Run 13 alt accounts that I built from scratch

Edit: I’m not that insane


Think mine’s more fun. I jump between about six accounts to run smear campaigns against my enemies and infiltrate their teams to discover their secrets. Possibly more. :thinking:

When I’m feeling up to it, I take the accounts with atlas access and send 2 troop primes to park on said enemy castles. This drains their heal pot stashes and troop counts so I’ll have an easier time besieging them when I do choose to do so.

One day, I’ll rule Atlas, and you’ll rue the day I do.


That’s pure talent. :thinking: seems like full time job running 1, if u actually did run 13 I would be impressed that ur still sane.


Mostly I cook, read, and play board / tabletop games with friends. Seeing some folks for Betrayal Legacy later today so I made some popcorn variations to have them taste-test.


I water the plants :grin: