What do you do while you wait on your egg tokens tho finish counting


Me I just pop popcorn and sit the phone down and read the subject I’m on in school about 10 mins later I get near the end should there be a way to speed that egg counting up?


If you see an attack or defend banner, click on it. The breeding will continue.
There was a drawback on that but I don’t remember which one

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I’d love an “auto finish” option, or a “skip animation” button, or some type of “apply X tokens” scroll bar or something.


I don’t recommend doing that, because it won’t stop when the egg is complete.


That was the drawback. Thank you

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On topic.
Doing something else (any morning fun activities)
Off topic.
Is it a suggestion?


Agreed. People have run into issues spending way more egg tokens than they should have if they exit out of the breeding screen :see_no_evil:


It will stop when the egg is complete, the two draw backs from doing the banner method is:
Can’t stop it before the egg is complete (like when you’re just going for builder hut eggs on a legendary and want to stop after 4).
Increased risk of app crashing/sync errors, which rolls back the account. I’ve had 50k tokens go by, this happen, then get set back to +50k tokens and have to wait for that amount of time again + the time remaining past the reset point.

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Not here to argue, it happened to me once: I had like 480/500 and 40k tokens when I tapped a banner like a confused little girl.

By the time I got back to mating chamber, I was down to 6k tokens and had that egg at 30/500.

That’s why I said it doesn’t stop. It would be foolish to verify my theory, therefore let’s agree that

it's very risky.


I’d go make eggs :man_shrugging: and some sausages too, by the time my eggs are done, those eggs are done also :man_shrugging:


:eyes: This makes me curious how you prepare your eggs :drooling_face:

Edit: On topic… I typically use my phone to browse the forums (or read Quora if I’m caught up with the forums) while my dragons are having fun in the breeding castle. I would use multitasking to do it, but I’ve found the animation of getting the eggs really doesn’t get along well with the multitasking feature and the game slows down quite noticeably :sweat::see_no_evil:


When I bred Stormheim a few days ago, it took 176k tokens, so a pretty long time. I was either playing cards or watching something in the telly… Probably both.


That is my only issue with breeding gotta be a way to make it faster especially if your breeding alot of tokens near the end of the event need a way to make it faster


so then the whole event would be over in what? Like 5 minutes in total?


Not if your breeding more than one dragon.


Let’s say you spend money to buy packs and have 5 mins left but it’s not enough time to complete all the egg tokens I did that once


then it would be 6, maybe 7. Whoa! :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Probably manage the first 100+ hours of the event a bit better :slight_smile:


I watch the eggs go up :grin: waiting for the moment where I get 4, 5 or even 6 eggs of the right color when I’m breaking into a new tier and I screenshoot it. I missed an incredibly rare opportunity screenshot of 6 Emerald eggs out of a batch of 20 for Fergalicious :persevere:… I got screenshots of 4s and 5s though :rofl:

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watch tv
contemplate the meaning of it all
watch paint dry

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