What do you like about the game?

I’ve been hearing a lot of negative things about the game lately, so I’d like to share my own thoughts and hear what others think with this simple question.

I enjoy this game more for the people than the gameplay experience. I’ve met some incredible people, not just on my team, but on all the leagues. Sometimes, we even share a group chat, to just hang out, enjoy each others company, and occasionally share advice.

I love the game - I’ve been hooked since day 1. I love the social aspect, and the visuals are really just incredible (to me) for something I am playing on a PHONE. FWIW, I came from the Tecmo Super Bowl, and Mike Tyson’s Punchout days, so this is almost unreal to me still.

Over the course of the last 2 years (ish), I would say that the game still has a LOT of glitches and idiosyncrasies, but overall I think it’s better than when I started. Joseph was pretty cool for the most part, but I think the newer team is getting better at dealing with our whiny butts here on the forums, which is a plus. Is it a utopia - no, but it’s better than it was when I started.


I think it was a wonderful game. It was well thought out, good progression, and offered a good balance of skill and dedication in order to be a top player. WAS being the thing. PG has over expanded and ruined what was once a fantastic game. The game is full of bugs, balance issues and progression issues. When you do spend it offers VERY little as a return. The potential is still there and that in combination with the social aspect you mentioned in why i still play at all. But even that is waning. PG should be ashamed with what they have done with this game.

WD = Good
PG = garbage.

unfortunately they are linked and the result is mediocre at best.

Honestly I like what the game used to be and what it COULD be. I liked how team based it was vs individual and that it had a good mix of skill plus grinding. If they work out some of the bugs, patch their security a fuckton, and look at sustainable balance it could be a really interesting mix of MMO/RPG and RT flier. Or it could be a complete POS.


we agree twice in one day Panda… that’s never good.


I’ve been playing for a little over 2.5 years and still enjoy it. I’ve always enjoyed the graphics and strategy the most. Playing with world players and getting to chat with them is awesome too.

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It seems that you don’t like the direction PG has taken the game. I think I can see why. You have to remember that WD was never PGs to begin with, it was just something they acquired and then added onto, like patchwork…
Does that make sense?

Are we bringing bitpig into this :eyes: :popcorn:

Social aspect is the best for me. That didn’t exist before PG, I think

Personally it hasn’t improved much in my opinion the only thing I like that wasn’t here 2+ years ago when I started is atlas

This is what I like and dislike about this game.

The forum is a platform that is often used to let steam off or complain about things that don’t work as expected so this can lead to a negative image.

Yet we are all still here and play this game :smile:

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it can easily drain my phone to 0% hence i can sleep.

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Yeah, that’s what I used to do. Buying that high-capacity charger for my living room was a really bad idea…

I see that sentiment a lot regarding people keeping others playing.
For a game though, that is a pretty weak attribute to be considered a strength because the social aspect isn’t unique to this game. I’m not downplaying the relationships people may have formed here, more suggesting I hope PG doesn’t see that as their predominant strength to keep players around long term. If you like the people you play with enough there is nothing stopping that group from finding another game they can play together with more/better content too.

Social thing always play big role in any kind of game (online). Not unless you are playing a solo console game. And yes it has the biggest contribution as to why people keep playing.

Most definitely the social aspect and the players. Else, I would’ve quit playing a while back … has anyone noticed it’s harder to acquire new dragons? :face_with_monocle:

I like the long periods of having nothing to do in the game. Maybe I’m a masochist :thinking:.

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I like it that when you spend hundreds of dollars you are lucky to gain 1 level

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