What do you think about island skins/ backgrounds

Hello everyone I have been playing for 3 years and have run thousands of raids on a island that has looked the same since day one. What do you think about being able to customize the way your islands look maybe have some that look like a Forrest, desert, or a arctic type evnviroment it would be a great way to add a small piece of fun a diversity to the game. If you consider the length of time we as players have to invest in the game to reach level 400 I think this is a very small and respectable request.

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Speaking of arctic…weren’t we supposed to get a winter UI?

Not exactly.

The Season UI has changed. I don;t recall hearing anything specific about the winter theme skin, though. I assume it will be applied approx 1 week before Christmas and removed around 6 Jan. The festives don’t last for 3 months, do they?

Oh ok…lol I guess I misunderstood

The festivities might not last 3 months, but I think it’d be really cool if we could at the very least have shifting themes based on the season. The standard theme we have would work well for a summer season. It’d be nice to add a new look for the spring, autumn, and winter seasons.

We also have the halloween skin which could be put up as “usual” during halloween.

well, yes.

I think it’s a good idea in theory but I’m a big fan of not breaking things. I’m usually too concerned with the flying to care about the background but if it’s XP runs sure neat and pretty things to look at would be great. But if anything has potential to cause lag, bugs, etc. I don’t want it. I lag enough as is lol

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BUT what about us Southern Hemisphere peeps??? Lol!!!
We’ve been sweltering through 35degreeC days for the last week! I don’t need to be seeing snow everywhere! Lololol

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I tend to sympathise with @CheekyGrinch as I am not a big fan of breaking things either, in addition to my “just a little spark, but rather keep it simple” mentality. While I agree that some variety in the scenario would be f*****g fantastic I am not sure it is worth the costs. When I say costs I mean possible glitches, extended loading time, lagging, you name it.

I have the same opinion about the loading screens and backgrounds

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Thank you guys for taking notice to my forum, I was also once only concerned about flying for XP. But I can’t help but want to personalize my island a bit more they already have armor and cosmetics for dragons. Don’t you think it would be cool if they made a cosmetic or theme based selection for your island too

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