What do you think about the halloween theme?


I think its too dark sometime could not recognise the tower.
Also hate the dark green sea water and the dark brown and green base


It’s here for a few weeks, same as last year. Only the non-hittable boats are annoying. Everything else is fine.


Loved it last year, love it this year :ghost:
(minus the boat spots but hey, it’s just for a short time anyways)


Jinx @MareZ :joy::joy::joy:


Bile green was never my favorite color, so a big ‘meh’ from me.


I want the option to keep themes, this is the best one, maybe @PGDave will tell his dev buddies to keep it


They did last year I wish they do winter theme one


Would love an optional iced over winter one with snow and ice


This is my first Halloween in the game and the theme started my day off with a big smile!

Thanks PG, I think it’s awesome and a lot of fun.


Lots of games change the skin and add bonus mini features for holidays (think WoW).

I think its fun and changes things up a bit, even if you aren’t a huge fan. You deal with it (positively or negatively) and it’s gone in a few weeks and then in another little while something else shows up.

Me personally i really like the idea of having a different style skin for 4 or 5 major holidays/celebrations.

I also was asked to bring up the rainbow monument and if it could at some time be re-instituted on bases. I don’t remember too much about it (was probably when i was just a young’n) but i do remember it replacing your first monument on the island close to your home base and symbolized players that have been lost to cancer. This is all i could find on it: http://wardragons.pocketgems.com/forum/all-forums/general-discussion/99113-monument-vs-statue-wtf


This was a good theme last year, and a good one this year. I could see an issue for the guys who play on a phone in seeing what towers are what but I’m on iPad so it’s great.


I have an account on an iPad and one on an iPhone, and the only real issue I have on the phone is seeing trebuchets on the darker islands. Overall, I like it. Its nice to have a change once in a while.


Personally i’d love to see the xmas version — frozen lakes, snowmen, santa jumping out of the water on a whale :slight_smile:


What about give us a Santa Dragon Rider/Santa armor set:grin:
I will put him on my reindeer Tarrand for fun!!


Last time we put out reindeer hats “armor” for the dragons, people didn’t seem to like it :slight_smile:


I love the theme!!! Looks great nice job PG.


I think the biggest objection was that they were put in the sigul trees. If you made them available in the store for a small amount of $$ or rubies, I might be tempted to buy them, but I wasn’t too thrilled that they, or any of the dragon clothes, were used as replacements for useful items in the dragon branches.


That’s too sad to know, CampusLife~
Actually I really love the reindeer antler on my Tarrand~


I have the Rudolph nose on my Tarrand. Although he sits the bench it was funny to me.


It matches the new UI! Coincidence? :thinking:

It is a tad dark for my liking though, but other than that, looks great!