What do you think is the best way to get egg tokens


Alternative: sell PG a kidney

Hardcore alternative: sell them both kidneys


Wouldn’t selling them both kidneys be… kinda fatal?


Others will take their place.





What is this


as much as I remember some of us here in Forums actually even came up with a formula how to optimize rubies spent on speeding up egg missions.

As far as I can recall best exchange ratio is speeding up missions around 2h left.

Oh yeah and of course: SPEEDING UP EGG MISSIONS and doing them is (apart from pure buying) the optimal way of gathering egg tokens while 100% egg bonus is running.


1h, 2h, and 6h, I think? Correct me if I’m wrong :0


1h mission can be speedup anytime
4h mission - speedup when it is around 2h
20h mission - speedup when it is around 4h

And some common sense if you are going to be away for next 8 hours and 20h mission is left with 5h, then try to speedup and finish.

All this calculation works with elite account and at least 100% egg token boost. I make 200-300k egg tokens in between breeding events. Remember your time is money and if it is important, then prefer to use money.


Or speed up the first 2 missions on cd if you’re short on time.


Depends upon how you want to play.

I don’t like grinding, and I don’t spend except for elite. So… I do missions once a day, and sometimes more if I’m close to a goal. Really, I just play the game and save the chests and rubies to open when they will be dropping what I need.

Saving rubies is the hard part… They beg me to spend them. But it works rather well. And you don’t have to spend. You just have to be patient and do what you enjoy.

For me, that’s helping my team and chilling on the forums.

Until I finally decide it is enough. (I’m hoping if I say that a magical number of times, people will start telling me I need to quit).

But the best way is the one you enjoy the most.


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