What do you think of Avyx? Need a good hunter

So I’m new to the game, level 44 and my best dragons are Spindra (Sorcerer) and Leos (Warrior) and realized I don’t have any good hunters. So I was looking st the divines and the only divine hunter was avyx and I thought if I had a good dragon of each type that might go well for me. So I just got avyx and it seems like he kinda sucks so far. Granted he’s only a level 2 right now, however his attack power is about 28k and I’ll put a HP or ATK boost on him and his atk power will be about 37k. So I have a bookmarked base where I’ll get max xp and their def power is about 34k so I figure avyx would do well as this base bc this base didn’t have any blue mages and setup was fairly long and low level towers. my avyx struggles against this base when I have a level 10 Amarok with a 28k atk Power that can get through it with almost full health. Do I just have to learn how to use avyx first?

He has cloak (which I’m not very good with), talon frenzy (pretty much havoc), healing mark, and ice turret resist but the healing mark and resist I won’t have until level 10. So pretty much I only have cloak and talon frenzy.

Any advice? Thanks!

I don’t have Avyx as I got Necryx , but I can tell you something:

Cloak is a very useful and tricky spell, one of the best hunter spells I think. It can be used to

  • prevent early attacks while approaching an island (stealth mode)
  • hide from projectiles at any time (unless there’s a blue mage around)

an example for hiding: Fire turrets take their time to charge, and they hit hard. When the fireball is about to hit my dragon I cloak, and POOF! The fireball evaporates.

You’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Avyx is a great first Hunter. It’s got the essence of hunter and none of the complicated spells.

There is always the risk that you won’t like hunters, but if you do Avyx is a fantastic choice.

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yes Avyx is a good dragon.

I didn’t start liking hunters until I was a little higher level than you. About that time NS came out and I thought he was awesome. I’ve been hooked since. He has more damage potential than Borgian, which is also a pretty decent dragon as well. So I think he’s better in most situations. All that said, he will be far more useful for you later in the game, at your level warriors seem to be the bees knees.

Edit: didn’t pay attention to him already having cloak lol :sweat_smile: yea just work on your cloaking skills and you’ll do much better with him

I am really loving avyx. Spells r cheap and once runed up talon is beast (it’s great even without runes). He is on his way to be one of my favorite dragons.

Even at your level, with talon frenzy and cloak, Avyx is a solid hunter. Once you reach level 77, and unlock level 10, healing mark will make him even more enjoyable, especially once runed. Although he is not as great a lead as Necryx, he is definitely quite powerful, and you won’t regret getting him. Just keep practicing, and he will improve.

Avyx is a great dragon. All spells are just one rage, healing mark and cloak are great spells, talon frenzy is a nice bonus. I have him at level 31 and have legendary and rare healing mark glyphs and a maxed out Grogg on him. I have a mythic cloak + rage gen glyph I’m going to put on him and then the legendary and mythic talon frenzy runes. Even without those last 3 runes he can easily take out the 312 XP base if boosted. I can’t wait to see him at Garnet once I pick up that stone.

I have equestor and Leos on other accounts and they don’t even compare.

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