What do YOU think that the game could do better?

I think that the game could:
Focus on the type of player who doesn’t spend as well as the type who does, fair treatment for both, as high level play is undoubtedly different to low level.
Have people test things properly before introducing them to the game, value packs (keyword being value) dragons, new towers, new event concepts, atlas (which most of us still haven’t got.
The developers should keep their word. A good example would be Kirin. No more dragons should have appeared in Wintertide yet Kirin came at Valentines.
Make the low level leagues more new-player friendly. Maybe a level cap for leagues? If you are level X you can’t go below platinum league?
Regulate global chat better. This chat is just toxic. It shouldn’t exist IMO
Introduce more glyphs for the new spells which are coming out a lot.
Fix old issues rather than adding more to the taken and creating more issues.
Employees I belive should play the game regularly and gain a good understanding instead of just relying on word.
Support tickets should be handled better rather than the old reinstall war dragons, restart router advice you’re always given as its 9/10 the game a fault not players.

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Just some quick ideas at possible issues and improvements that could be made to the game.
Can’t really suggest anything about chat because everyone gets wound up and it’s just life.
Edit: I’ll Add more detail when I have some other people’s opinions.

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Well I mean, the leagues need changing but saying x level isn’t allowed under platinum, what would happen if said player wants to make a team, but are not able to go below platinum?

For me personally, I think there should be new events instead of the same as always. Tug of war is massively hated lol…


Yeah the level thing was just a suggestion which I expected to be stamped out pretty quickly lol
I think that the events now are too centered around making money, yes there’s always gonna be the few who spend but we play to enjoy, not (speaking from an adults perspective) to waste our wages on a dying game.
I know PG have been listening to the players recently but they’re long way off from getting this game fun and pretty well thought out again.
It’s bad when you refuse to go down leagues because they’re literally unplayable. The low leagues are really just not worth it IMO

The league limit would sure screw over my leader. He’s level 326 and we’re in Gold I and occasionally Plat IV. While the sandbagging issue is an issue, there’s no easy fix.
Glyphs are something that needs to be happening more no matter what the spell. Too many damn runes.
League chat gets a little wild, but if you don’t want to see it, don’t tap on it. Turn on the mature language feature, too. I personally love it. It’s great to meet tons of people, and see old friends when a league change happens.

Edit: Didn’t realize you meant global chat. It’s been a while since I’ve been teamless lol. Forgot what it was. My above point still stands.

Global Chat? A chat even worse than LC? What is that?

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I’m 245 and a leader in gold 1 too. Would screw me over also lol


Oh god it’s been a while but last time I saw it on my parents phones it was like tinder/ emerdale/ Jeremy Kyle/ a donald trump meeting/ therapy. Yeah it was a fun time :joy:

Never ever want to go back to global. I’m sure it’s 100x worse than when I was there lol

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British Tv shows btw

That’s the chat every new player is in. You lose it once you join or create a team and are in a league.

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Examples of what PG might do to support this? Spenders will always have the advantage just saying and PG likes revenue. Players who don’t spend much are the players who understand the game a lot more, take time to play the game and can fly dragons with skill. I’m saying players who go up slowly will need to start using skill to hit higher levels and the time they use a certain dragon is far greater compared to a high spender. I know a lot of low-spenders who are master fliers however I don’t know many spenders who can do the same.


Not meaning flying skill; more improvements to the game to benefit the none spender as well as the person who spends a lot. And everything inbetween

Focus on teamwork vs individual spending, reward accomplishment over linear expenditure to allow for diversification of the player base in multiple situations.


Uhhhhh simplify?

That was pretty concise already. Basically…build rewards/return into team more instead of progression based on an individuals spending. Could your team spend more…yes, but a higher team prize threshold would allow teams that worked together and performed to have lower spending players progress easier by subsidizing their cost with the aforementioned team rewards instead of it being simply by purchasing gems/gold chests.

This would allow teams to have spenders as well as quality individuals who do not spend as much but posses other skills(I have a hard time calling spending a skill but lets roll with it for now) to exist with more synergy than simply burning through spenders and cycling them through.

This would also give incentive for teams to want to be ranked higher instead of the current model where, for the most part, teams actively avoid that top as the higher you get the ROI decreases.

Doing this could reward an overall team structure, maintain a higher skill cap, while hopefully keep revenue stable but possibly just distributing it among a greater number of people as opposed to focusing on highest level of spending per capita.


BTW, how far/high do you think a non-spender (like me) dragon can fly?
Maybe I should think about opening a new topic for that.

What level are you and what dragons do you have?

Well, lvl 66, the best dragons are divine (Chimerak 9 Necrix, Equestor and Leos 8. The others badass are: Amarok, Hydron, Enky, Ith, Ettin… Pretty bad/ weak, but I play for my own pleasure. 20+mega medals since end of August last year.

I’d like to see runes on dragons become interchangable for free 2x. Rubies there after

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