What does defending someone utilizing airplane mode look like? Network Error above towers?

Just now I was defending myself with two defenders. We had defended against the main attacker (the follower) at least six times very successfully prior to this attack. The lead we were able to get mage super shots off, but when the follower came in, it kept saying network error over the top of the towers. Not a single super shot went off, I don’t think any items worked either. I’d have to go back and watch the replay again. I think maybe once it said queued but then immediately went into network error again. Again here were three of us on defense so it wasn’t my network.

Edit: no items worked either after going back over the replay.


Probably some server lag. Airplane mode doesn’t allow defenders.

That was my initial thought, but it worked just fine on the prior attacker. Immediately changed with the follower. Could maybe be a new exploit, but even if it’s server issues, I would think there should be safeguards in not allowing the run to count if we can’t defend. His neptus was moving unhindered like no connection issues were there.

previously, Airplane mode exploit would disconnect the attacker if the exploiter is a defender. If its the attacker, it will prevent any defender and disconnect them if they are inside except for the attacker.

It forces the battle to go solo mode basically.

Now, when I tried it on an XP base, it simply disconnects me together with my assisting player, but don’t know if this is true for others though.

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Dumb question, what about if the follower fiddles with data or however “airplane mode” worked?

Had a similar thing this morning where I defend the same player with the same backer three times and then on the fourth I get a “connection issue” message after the follower starts flying. I get booted from defense and low & behold they 5 flamed the base.

Wouldn’t be so suspicious if not for the previous failures. Maybe just bad luck but it’s got me wondering

There was another thread some time ago that discussed swapping really quick kicking defenders.



I don’t think quite that since I shot down the lead. It was right after the backup started flying.

We’ll see how many times it happens. It’s not like the game ever glitches.


I know it is cheating on my team; and it is just poor etiquette
But, has the swap-and-assist officially been deemed as cheating?

edit: IDK who to tag for a little insight? @lutrus tag you’re it.

I’m sorry, I don’t know :cry:. Was just trying to find the thread mentioned above…

Edit: I got it Nighean :yum: I hope you get the answer

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Thst was what i was talking about but this sounds slightly different after reading the post again.

Yea I never got booted but as soon as he cleaned up my kill islands I quit…I have the screenplay recorded from the in game replay but can’t load it here. Replay doesn’t show much except super shots worked on the lead and absolutely nothing on the follower.

Thank you, I appreciate it TT


When in doubt, tag @pgjared and @Arelyna, they’ll make sure the right people see it.

Btw’s what OP is describing is not Airplane mode. You would not be able to get in to defend if it was airplane mode.

Oooh :open_mouth:

Yea I didn’t really think it was but didn’t really know what it was or how to identify it …it was definitely odd…I wanted to clarify what airplane mode really was.

Kenshiki explained what airplane mode is really well

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