What does everyone think of Garula?


I’m trying to decide between Gargula or Grogg for Necryx. Since the forums have been down since Gargula’s release, I haven’t been able to read many reviews on him. Thanks!!


I’m not impressed in the least. No cloak, his shield is pathetically weak and at 38, not matching up to other divines that level.


I would definetly go for grogg before going for gargula. Esp. The next two weeks grogg is discounted and u have a expert dragonrider for free instead grinding for rider shards or buying some in atlas packs


I’m quite liking him. It’s definitely a different approach to hunters, and I’m still use to borgian. But… I love the steal essence and looking ahead and planning my attack I’m doing quite well with gargula.


Gargula is certainly not a bad dragon, but if you have to choose between him or Grogg, I think grogg is the better choice.


@xTrialx i would say depending on your level .For instance if you you drags are capped before sapphire definetly go for him but you may also consider getting grog after trying to max out necryx he is pretty usefull.I chosed garg and i dont regret (yet😂) but for me it was only a personal choice.


Definitely a fun dragon for ppl in the sapphire wall I think. Maybe also true for Garnet tier but emerald and above there are definitely better dragons out there.


Hmm. Ok. Shoot, I was hoping for black and white responses! Lol. I missed out on Aster and love Whalegnawer - extract essence would be awesome to play with. Then again, I got Zamrok instead of Kinnarus last season so I’m wanting an OP dragon like everyone else has. So Grogg/Necryx is also very appealing.

I am just about to begin breeding platinums. I prolly won’t start breeding Emerald tier until like a year from now, as I am a low to moderate spender. I get around 80k tokens a month at my level of play/spending.


Then go for garg


Lol. Good luck getting to Emerald in a year.


I agree with Raging. If u are low or moderate spender at platinium now you will definetly need more then 1 year to get to Emerald Dragons
From the early Platiniums to your 1st emerald you will need 1.200.000 to 1.400.000 Million tokens - depending on the Path u choose.

A season dragon will be replaced soon. A dragonrider (Grogg) will last forever if he is experted in my Opinion


Gargula not bad but we have too many options around him, his spell set some points similar with Sekhem of Sapphire tier and Zaru of Garnet tier, go higher to Emerald and Obsidian as a lead he not good as Necryx or Noctua, as a follow he not good as Morphos or Ferga.


@Sumatan Summarized!


Zam is way better than Kinn on defended bases btw’s. You chose rightly.


Really? I suppose that makes sense. Glad to hear it, at my level Kinnarus dominates the scene. No one I know flies hunters either - I feel like they’re missing out big time.


Thanks for the feedback! I went with Grogg.

You guys are right, I won’t see Emerald within a year or even close, but oh well. I’m as prepared as I can be for the grind to come. Heh.


Personally other than Necryx I’m not impressed with any of the other fall seasonal dragons and after Grogg’s 50% discount ends I’ll proceed and finish the Necryx rung with the Obsidian evolve stone.

I’m instead preparing for the Winter seasonal dragons and hoping the Mythic Hunter will be worth going after.


I decided I’m not even going to try for him… I’m gonna just stick with chimerak aka. Frankenstein. Id rather have a fully leveled dragon than three or more with no evolution stones


None of the dragons are “bad”, they all have fair spell sets; it just depends on the skill set of the flyer if they can operate the dragon effectively. (Although if I had to choose one it would be Spindra; does very well on defended bases).


Grogg stays with you, and not just for Necryx. If a more powerful dragon comes along you can switch him over.
Furthermore if you spec Grogg with the dragon training and xp boost, it will help/boost that new dragon from level 1.