What does it mean!?


Just received in-game mail…

“Please be informed that due to the large influx of new Atlas Teams, we have smoothed out the scaling of the Team Influence component to Glory gained from PvP. Some player brackets will notice an expanded range of teams from which they can earn increased Glory, while others may not see as much of a change. The player level component will remain unchanged.”

What? So if the level component remains unchanged are you saying you will get MORE glory from losing the SAME AMOUNT of troops or what does this even mean :thinking: is this saying you get increased glory from followers?

Edit: coming from landless noob


With glory, you have two factors that average out to give you the glory you earn.

Player Level: This is basically to discourage hitting players that are below your level, the lower you hit, the more this drops to 0% for the player level portion of the glory earned

Team Influence: This is theoretically to discourage higher level teams with lots of land from tromping on teams that are just starting out. If your team is ranked say 20th in Atlas, hitting anyone rank 1-20 will give you 100% glory for this portion. Hitting a team ranked say 750, this would give you only a few % glory so probably wouldn’t be worth hitting.

Now to get your overall, take those two %'s and average them.
So hitting someone bigger than you on a super weak team would result in 100% + 0% / 2 = 50% glory earned
Hitting a super low level alt on a top ranking team would result in 0% + 100% / 2 = 50% glory earned
Hitting a super low level alt on a brand new team would result in 0% + 0% / 2 = 0% glory earned
Hitting a bigger player on a top ranked team would result in a 100% + 100% / 2 = 100% glory earned

All the details on the scaling is below, but likely to change with this smoothing.
The smoothing is basically going to take the 0-100% for rank 750-1 and fine tune it for 0-100% for ranks 2500-1, so a less steep curve for earning glory, meaning that you can now hit further below you for 100% team glory than before since there are more teams. Its like adding more numbers to the X axis of teams :slight_smile:


I see :hugs: Thanks mech :heart:


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