What does it take?

I feel something terrible has happened.

Do some digging. Another GPF and valuable member is homeless right now in addition to today’s news.

New hash tags on the forums. Can’t find anyone talking about the new content in an excited way.

What does it take? At what point does anyone take a bite of that humble pie and look for ways to win back that which is so desperately needed?


Seems like no matter what it will probably be too little too late


I think he had been homeless quite a few weeks ago. But I don’t know magbe you are referring to a diff person :+1:.

Not just the Monday blues.

Watching events here, in game. @PG You have a major morale issue grinding away over the past few months and it is accelerating. You should be asking why and I don’t see it happening other than the feeble attempt at judging net promoter score with a survey 9 days ago. Anyone else got a survey request asking how likely you would recommend War Dragons to friends? 👀

At the VERY least maybe PG could post an anonymous survey to the GPF, or whats left and go from there. Difficult to rationalize what we see happening with the game vs expectations outside of a few last cash grabs before it implodes.

Leaving a player unable to log in for a month? Shame…
Letting a player’s account become so corrupted they have to start over? Shame…

Year of the Player??? Where is the player retention initiative? This game is hemorrhaging its player base with zero tools for new player recruitment.

Where is Red? Oh yeah. Not on the forums. Where is mech? Oh yeah. Retired.
A true net promoter savaged PG’s lack of interaction with their smart players. A letter from the community Shame.


That puppy kitten is sooo cute. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Sorry, got distracted :eyes:


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