What does mystic barge damage rune do?


i got a rune named mystic barge damage rune it says increases mystic barge damage by 10% but I have no idea what that’s means please inform me if you do


It’s a spell on the season dragon Coatl


Ok thanks


It’s a rune doing nothing until your Coatl reach gold tier (need base lv 84 + at least 1 Gold Legendary)


Well that completely sucks for me


Follow Mechengg’s base guide and Red’s breeding guide faithfully.

You’ll get there before you know :grin:


If you salvage it, it gives some dust :wink:


Ok I will look it up I have coalt not the gold thing though


It’ll boost a spell coatl gets as he levels up and evolves. I THINK there are some later dragons that get that spell as well so you shouldn’t be limited to just him if you want to wait.

Essentially that rune will only be useful if you have a dragon that has that spell unlocked. So you can either save it till your coatl unlocks that spell or you get another dragon with that spell, or you can dust it.

The gold evolution stone is unlocked the same way coatl is. It’s just further along the prize tier. Think of it as your dragons level cap. If you have the gold stone it will let you cap your dragon at the gold tier. If you get platinum it means it caps out at plat. The higher tier stone you get, the longer your dragon will be relevant to you.


Kaze in Vanguard tier. I doubt the OP will be getting those dragons anytime soon.


I had a feeling something did but yeah that’s super super late game stuff. Good to know which it is


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