What does the new tower replace and do i need it?

hi! i’m a level 178 with level 37 towers on 3 islands. currently, my island 3 is my kill island consisting of a fire and dark flak, a blue and red mage tower and a storm tower. should i replace one of those for the new tower? and what was the tower meant to replace? lightning towers?

You’re right, the new tower is meant to replace lightning towers. These work best if you have multiple (generally 3) on the same island. At your level and with your short kill setup, the new tower isn’t worth replacing any of your existing towers.

Once you reach the point where you can build 10 towers that are max for your level, then you can move to a long kill and one option can be to build a combination of the new tower and lightnings on the back of the long island. But honestly having an orrery and howitzer should be first priority for your electrum bars.


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