What does this mean?

I’m not sure if this has been discussed. I tried to search but could not find anything. Maybe I’m using the wrong keyword. But…

What does team closed mean?


I suppose they are not looking for new teammates at all, so they are not receiving any request to join? Just a guess

I think it has something to do with applying from outside.

Auto Accept means any applicant will be accepted immediately.
Review Only means any applicant will need to be accepted manually by leadership.
Closed means that it reject any applicant automatically…

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I like that closed option… it keeps my alt account from getting a bunch of requests from people to join her one woman team. She can still send out invites and get people in though :upside_down_face:

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Not sure about it.
During my time in @Jonesy’s team, there was one team breaking up (closed) leaving only the leader. We ended up making it a contest on who will defeat the base.

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This. It’s to decide what happens when someone applies to your team. Closed it will either reject or prevent you from applying.

I’m pretty confident this is incorrect. It should have nothing to do with your ability to declare wars or have wars declared on you. It only impacts what happens when someone tries to apply to join your team.


100% incorrect.


I’ve had a war declared on my alt’s team when it was closed so this statement is untrue.


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