What does your game name mean to you

I always find this interesting to learn about other players and since last topic was closed 6 months ago lets do it again

well by definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing over and over again expecting diffrent results. in life we are the same we are doomed by fault to always make the same decisions hoping for a new outcome sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesnt so i am often aske what perfectinsanity means to me. well i have become perfectly good at expecting diffrent results but yet it always turns out the same in life for hence the name forever will be suitable for me. in love we fight. in life we fight and in the face of death we fight the hardest. but sometimes you have to learn when you have lost the battle and prepare for the upcoming war


Lol wish I had some in depth meaning to my name. Honesly it sounded cool when I first used it in Clash of Clans way back so I just kept using it

I was drinking this drink when I came up with this name


I think mine probably speaks for itself. Good animal.


I didn’t like Rob1235, the generic name given when I joined the game. I looked around the room and observed an oil painting of an Orca that was breaching on a moonlit night and the name popped into my head. :grinning:
Aka “Fish”

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Howard without the vowels.
Howie to some.

Howard of AfterFive MUD, Howard’s LOTR Neverwinter Nights Server, Hwrdreborn on WoW, etc.

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Donovan is my son’s middle name who was named after my favorite steakhouse. I didn’t tell his mom that we named him after a steakhouse until he was about 3. :grin:


Allomancers are cool. Mistborns are the best version of them. That’s pretty much as far as it went. 20 was the first number I tried that wasn’t taken

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I’m clueless what mine means

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I see what you did there

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Still the same (old image link broken, discourse to blame…)

Mine continue to be the same (JRR Tolkien - The Silmarillion)

Tulkas (Quenya; IPA: [ˈtulkas] - “Strong” or “Steadfast”) is an Ainu, a Vala who was responsible for participating in war and the last of them to descend into Arda, coming to the aid of the others when he heard of their war with Melkor. He was also called Tulukastāz or Astaldo .

But now not associated to any city from Dark Sun (Balic) :slight_smile:

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Mine is also a recycled CoC name lol My granddaughter set us up in CoC. Team name was UltraKatz, she named me SuperKatz, she was BabyKatz and her sister’s were MadKatz and AliKatz. When I started playing WD I just dropped the Super :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m named after my favorite space-ship on one of my favorite TV shows.

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Mine says itall, Boredom

I feel like I help alot of people hence the doctor part but I also leave death and destruction in my wake.

I love reading some of these. you guys are great. i appreciate all the replies i always enjoy learning new things. Like when a words means something that i never knew lol

My name is a carry over from when I played FPS games.

Raggedy Ann, the name of the red haired doll (yep I have reddish hair) was changed to Fragity… Frag meant to kill. Now I just play around with variations of it. But Fragity will always be what I identify with.

Weird I know :slight_smile: